A little about me.....  —

Just a Nerdy Queen Bee and her family creating a hive

Hi! My name is Catherine aka Nerdy.Queenbee. Thanks for taking some time to stop by. It means the world that I can share my story with you! ❤️

‌‌‌A little about myself....

‌I'm a wife and mother of two rambunctious and talkitve daughters who are just like me 💕 With a cat and dog in tow 🐈🐕 it's a full house! 

‌ After 20 years in the service industry working nights I needed to change. I didn't get to see the sun or my kids very much. I was tired, anxious, depressed, and overweight 😬 I actually worked nights for so long I was diagnosed with PHOTOPHOBIA! It's a condition where you have an extreme sensitivity to light 😳 so I wear my sunglasses at night kind of deal 😆 (if you don't know that song it's most excellent and you should look it up. It's by Corey Heart) 

‌About 4 years ago I decided to go on a journey of wellness. Mind, body, and soul. I was 33 and in the worst health of my life. I literally almost died a few times through the years from various medical issues and I couldn't have that after my kids. Have to be healthy! 
‌After years of trial and error I just want to share my journey with everyone and all the neat things I have found and some of them sell! 💕 

So hope on the crazy train of life and let's get moving!

Stay tuned for some big stuff coming up!