Want to stay sober but don't know how

Try getting high after getting Net Gunned!

Hi there, coming to you from the Hills of Hollywood to be the first to say that staying sober is not just a battle... It is WAR!!!

NetGunSobriety believes in keeping people sober at all costs... NetGunSobriety will not hesitate to use a NetGun.

Oh you wanna get High?

My top recommendation is to not get NetGuned to the floor

I always recommend hiking and nature first. Something really powerful happens when stumbling upon a vortex, or place of complete surrender.. ego death.

If the power and gravity or these majestic places within our back yard aren't enough you will be NetGuned

Freedom test #1.

Freedom!! Yes!!! That is what we all want right? Experience a moderate to hard level hike through an abandoned Nazi Compound right here in the Santa Monica Mountains. Have an amazing day all while staying sober guided by our expert NetGun marksmen, fully trained to take down a "high-risk" client and keep another soul safe from drugs.

Murphy's Ranch

Freedom Test #2

Oh Wow! The Hollywood Walk of fame!!

One of my favorite challenges... Not so much for beautiful scenery, but fir the thrill of the hunt. Our beautiful city may be infested with methed out zombies, but don't worry about becoming one because you will be NetGuned in public.