Financial Freedom


G’day Mate

I see curiosity has caught your attention and here we are. Not a bad thing, I’m looking at someone who wants to change their life for the better.

I’m Nethan , some may know me as Nate. I’m a big aviation enthusiast, currently working as a international flight attendant living out my absolute passion for travelling. Over my years as a freshly graduated high school student I took to the skies to gain experience with completing my pilot license, I also lived in America for a couple months for work experience and fast forward to this day I’m now a CSM ( Onboard Manager) for Qantas.

How does this fit into my crypto currency story you ask?

During the last two years of the pandemic, I had ceased all flying work as a flight attendant and got the call to be stood down. Now is this a bad thing? Of course not! Covid has taught me through time and patience I have been able to grow my mindset and skills to focusing on a path that will lead me to early retirement.

Long term goals of crypto currency

Ultimately I want to combine my passion of travelling and being finically free to have the time to spend with family & friends. who says a 9-5 job ever got us close to being able to provide for us abundantly. Im here to change my course of life and crypto currency is the key to unlocking a door of endless possibilities.

Benefits for you

If these sounds like where you want to be in life right now
- Holidaying on a tropical oasis beach sipping on a cold one
- Spending countless quality time with loved ones & friends
- Finishing that long awaited project the Ms has been hassling you about
- Being able to retire within 5 years being financially free
- Having the ability to work from anywhere in the world
- Passive income as you enjoy your life

I would then agree we both value knowledge and time. Time is money don’t waste it.

Ask yourself If you were to relive the same day today for the next 10 years would you be happy?