I n t r o d u t I o n

Welcome to my milkshake web inspired by thhesunkies !

This milkshake web includes

- coloring
- fonts
- bio & captains
- symbols

symbols! 🧾

just copy and paste them!

βŒ‡ 𖧧 π–€£ βš›οΈŽ 𓍯 ❝ β€Ύ ✿ π“ˆˆ ⬫ ﹌ ༊ ΰΏ” ✦
β˜„οΈŽ ❁ β©© β‘… ∞ βš“οΈŽ βŒ— β˜… ❀

Coloring! ( this is not mine its charldiors coloring so give credit to her!! )

The app you need 24FPS, prequel and ultralight. step one go into 24FPS And add the filter: red flavor. οΏΌ( swipe for the QR code )
Step two into prequel and click adjust
and adjust it like this
Exposure: -16
Contrast: -25
Highlights: -50
Shadows: -100
Haze: 16
Glow: 18
Blur: optional
Then you click filters scroll until you see a filter called Oakland now adjust it to 13.
Now click effects and add the dust effect
adjust: dust 100
dust filter: 20
Step three go into 24FPS again and add the filter honey ( the QR code is on the next page two ) after that you have to press long on the filter thing with the colored circles and make the honey filter too 38!! Step four go to ultralight and click the triangle and adjust it clarity to -5 and sharpen to -10 DONE

QR code’s here!

The one who’s a little bit darker is red flavor. And the other one is honey

Bios & captains!

𖧧𖀣 confeΡ‚Ρ‚ΞΉβŒ‡ ❝she/her❝ 𓍯 βŒ— give tc|cc in bio πŸ“ ☈ bb gc 🧾 β€Ύ ✿ b l u s h

βŒ—____ love bug
⌞ not impersonating ⌝
βš“οΈŽ β€” ________


ε½Ήθ·βŠΉΛšΛ– ༊ πŸ₯ π“ˆˆ caption ⬫ִׄ ﹌ ︴𓂅𝐒/𝐎: β”Šκ©œβ”Š 𝐭𝐚𝐠𝐠𝐒𝐞𝐬: π“‚… γ€Žπ’π› - 』.

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