Our Values

Being Your Authentic Self With Network & Grow

Collaborative - Collaboration takes us further than competition.

Respecting our gifts - Respect self and each other. Everyone has something to offer, everyone has a unique a way of being and doing.

Totally professionally me - Embracing professionalism from all niches of entrepreneurship.

Confidently Resourceful - Inner confidence + the tools / resources + how to = success.
I have the tools and confidence to thrive.

Welcoming with nurture - The business community that truly cares.

Reciprocity - We treat each other as we'd like to be treated and put in as much as we get out.

Why Network & Grow?

You Have Something Authentic To Offer

So that as an Entrepreneur and Business Owner you can:
Learn and access business knowledge and strategies to flourish from East London business experts and entrepreneurs.
Be supported to revitalise and maintain your holistic health and wellbeing.
Recognise that you are not alone on your business venture, our community comprehends and has experienced the day to day struggles, strains, strategies upon strategies and successes that come with the entrepreneurial journey.
Connect and build meaningful relationships with other East London Entrepreneurs and businesses.
Build your audience authentically and organically which will create growth and sales opportunities.
Discover and create collaborative opportunities.
Support your local community through the Network and Grow CSR Scheme.
Grow and expand your business venture in a sustainable and profitable way.

At Network and Grow the possibilities are endless and our team is always ready to take the grunt work off your back.

We are scheduled to host four insightful business events this year, along with regular borough based socials and charity events, but we want to be there for you through it all, so we offer a series of online workshops and give Network and Grow members guest speaking opportunities.
Let’s not forget about the social media events tailored to the business communities needs and to give you the cost effective organic social media promotion every entrepreneur truly needs.

Collaboration is so important and is the means of the creation of Network and Grow.
Connecting, networking and growing through the Network and Grow community in person and via the portal will reveal amazing and exclusive East London opportunities we would have rarely heard about.

Start earning as a Founding Member as you host your very own courses and programmes through the Network and Grow portal for all Network and Grow Members to enjoy, now you can test new ideas and strategies in a safe and supportive way.

Get and give discounts to other passionate entrepreneurs and businesses within the Network and Grow community.
Attracting new customers and growing your audience across the East London community is vital and can be daunting when slaving on social media or paying for flyer posting.
Supporting you and your business venture especially on the hard days; Network and Grow is the community that is all about you, for the good of you.

Meet Danielle

Founder & CEO

Danielle is an Army veteran business owner based in Leyton East London.
Danielle co founded We All Fit Ltd, a family run business in 2019 to support East London professionals with holistic bespoke health and wellbeing services.
Through her own experience she has recognised the power and great need for a supportive and resourceful business community which is why she is so passionate about Network and Grow.

“In a perfect world businesses would collaborate and flourish together, in turn creating a happy, healthy and prosperous community. I am yet to see that happen for the benefit of the member which is why I created this opportunity.”

Meet Barke

Creator & Events Manager

Barke BeYourOwnHero collaborates with Network and Grow, aligning with the same vision.
Network and Grow is an organisation that supports entrepreneurs just like me.
Being an entrepreneur can be lonely sometimes, and self-doubt can set in. Not knowing where to find the resources and community support, most businesses shut down, but Network and Grow can help entrepreneurs sustain themselves. Boost their personal and professional growth.

Barke BeYourOwnHero

Consulting with communities, organisations, Charities, NGOs, and education sectors in the United Kingdom, Europe, Canada, the USA, and Africa. Transform women, youth & entrepreneurs in achieving leadership skills’
Barke, a motivational speaker, coach, mentor, and author, has an impressive technique (Mastering the mind & Behaviour) that transforms women, youth & entrepreneurs into influential leaders by boosting their confidence.

‘’Barke BeYourOwnHero’’ Programme offers groups and 1-1 coaching and mentoring.

Barke exceptional experience in childhood abuse, arranged marriage, emotional abuse (living with Narcissist), faith, financial hardship, single parent and became her hero through personal development and personal growth. Barke has delivered an award-winning presentation and best seller biography book that helped women and youths become the pillars of the communities. Barke is a humble person and leads by example through empowering, inspiring and being an authentic self. Her great purpose and approach impact the people’s lives and global audience.
Barke is an ambassador with Humans First club and is featured as a co-author in the first edition book also hosted variety of shows on social media and featured in television, podcast, and radio show. She aims to help women and youths and entrepreneurs who are suffering by sharing awareness and support. Barke collaborate with different leaders to support and build connection. She regularly interviews other leaders at Soul Purpose Leader Platform. She hosted weekly self-development and co-hosted Kamara Youths Saving Our Next Generation monthly events with other leaders.

“Barke believes that everyone can choose to live life on their own terms and be their own hero.”

Live Life On Your Own Terms

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