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About me

Hey everyone my name is Madeline Waters, I’m a Dietetics student at California State University of Sacramento. I decided to put my skills to work and create a practice.

My qualifications:
I will outright state that I have not tested into any sort of Nutrition Consultant position. However, I have achieved Bachelor level education in Nutrition and Food. I have an Associates of Science in Social & Behavioral Science, and an Associates of Science in Natural Science. I’ve acquired my ServSafe Manager Certificate, and I am also a Peer Health Educator at CSUS. Aside from that I am also Food Handlers and Allergens certified. I understand that my laundry list of achievements pales in comparison to any other certifications that might make me a Professional.

All that out of the way I have a vast knowledge of Nutrition & Food and I use my platform humbly to serve whoever I can. I know when to concede, if I’m unsure of something I won’t lie to you. I will refer you to a specialist and provide you with resources. From there I will use what I’ve learned to better my understanding of a certain subject to better assist others in the future.

My hobbies include all manner of physical activity: ice skating, long boarding, soccer, running, hiking, swimming, yoga, weight lifting, archery.
I also love art activities: home decor, drawing, collage-ing , fashion design, photography, knitting, paddle boarding, kayaking, snowboarding, skiing.
I love to read books, practice Arabic French and Spanish, practice code, & dedicate time to my dīn.
I’ve spent 7 rigorous years in college & have 3 more to go.

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