your best self is already in you

let’s find her

hi love!! I’m Kalley Lynn Foster, it’s so great to have you here.
in our discovery sessions, we find the cause of what is holding you back from the goals you want to achieve. whether that is going to the gym more, eating better, being happier & less stressed, or having more energy. whatever it is, health & life coaching is an all encompassing journey. all areas of your life are addressed when you work with a good coach who gently guides (& sometimes pushes!) you in the right direction, so that habit change comes naturally & simply becomes a part of who you are & what you do.
“how you do one thing is how you do everything”. how you show up for yourself matters. after all, what good things could happen to those around you if you take care of yourself first? they, & you, deserve it

who am I?

kalley lynn foster

I am currently a full-time Analytical Chemist working in Madison, WI but plan to move to St. Louis, MO later this year to be closer to my wonderful boyfriend (pictured above) & friends. I’ve been doing long distance for 2 years now, putting many miles on my car driving back & forth between states.
I went to school in southern Illinois, attaining a bachelors in Nutritional Sciences while minoring in Exercise & Sport Psychology. I began the health & life certification courses last May after being laid off due to the pandemic. After a lot of hard work, I passed all the requirements & received my certifications this past May!🥳

I went into nutrition out of need & want to learn more about the body & how it works as I developed a gluten intolerance out of the blue my junior year of highschool. When I went off to college I suffered nearly everyday with horrible stomach pains & digestive problems, even calling my dad crying multiple times. I decided then that I wanted to be the person others go to when they are confronted with a major health change, as it is equally taxing both physically & mentally. This, paired with friends asking me for workout routines & meal plans were the catalyst for now choosing coaching.
I love making connections with people & helping women feel better in their bodies. I myself have gained, lost & kept off over 30lbs in the past 4 years. If you build on the right habits, focus of truly nourishing you body & mind, the weight literally falls off. Now, I rarely track my calories & have maintained my current weight for years. This is how a healthy lifestyle should be! We learn to listen our body which always tells us what it needs. That is what I love about the coaching program I chose: it focused on habit change rather than a hard to follow, unrealistic meal & workout plan. With my own experience & the tools I’ve gathered through school & certification, you don’t need to give up your favorite foods or workout 7 days a week. Small changes can have the biggest impact. Doing too much too fast is causes burnout, lack of adherence, & leaves you back where you started. Habit changes, however, slowly take you to your to your goals & keep you from falling off again.

I am a laid back person who just wants to help others fall in love with themselves & their lives. I have suffered from depression & anxiety for years, which makes stepping into the life I desire that much more difficult. After moving states, far away from my friends & family, I lost myself. Then my job. I became a shell of the person I was, losing my vivacious energy & humor. However, with my own coach, she helped guide me back to the easy going, free, confident person I once was before “life happened”. As my program said, “good coaches have coaches”, and that could not be more true.