Social Media Management for Local Businesses and Restaurants

Welcome to Next Level Social!

I help local businesses & restaurants by taking Social Media off their plate, so they can fill it with things that matter most to them!

Being a business owner is HARD WORK and between trying to balance work, family, health, friends and all of the in-between, adding managing and learning the ever-changing world of social media marketing to that already full plate? Can be a huge stress and burden.

Through social media management for Instagram & Facebook, I give business owners the freedom of time away from their social media and more time doing what they love and what they do best: Running their biz!

I am intuitive, empathetic and creative, which allows me to approach my client’s account by becoming a “chameleon” to their vision; running the social media as if it were my very own and leaving my clients feeling comforted, in knowing I have their best interest and vision in mind in all that I do.

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Ashley Tranzow

Next Level Social L.L.C.

Welcome! My name is Ashley Tranzow, founder of Next Level Social L.L.C. ! With a long history in restaurants and marketing entrepreneurship, I started Next Level Social two years ago with the mission to help break the cycle of boring social media marketing and offer exciting, aesthetic, and fun content for business owners whose time is better spent doing what THEY love.

I take an organic approach to social media (no bought followers or bots here!) and focus on fostering genuine relationships while building fans of the brands and businesses I manage through authentic engagement, eye catching photos and valuable content!

Working in restaurants for 17 years all the way to senior level management before starting my own business, I have a deep rooted passion for the hospitality industry and a love for marketing restaurants through social.

In my free time I love to hang out with my 3 dogs, explore Arizona with my husband, travel and try all of the hot local spots! I am originally from California but I am a total desert girl at heart 🌵!

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Why you need a Social Media Manager

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With 3.78 billion users on social media, it is without a doubt one of the most popular online activities that users engage in, spending an average of 2.5 hours a day on their preferred platforms.

Utilizing social media for your business allows you to interact with your audience, stay in front of past, current, and future target demographics, and build brand loyalty with your customers!

71% of consumers who have had a positive experience with a brand on social media, will refer them to their friends and family.

According to 90% of businesses, their social media marketing efforts have increased the exposure of their business, and 75% say they’ve increased traffic.

Users spend on average 69% of their media time on smartphones. This means mobile devices make it possible to reach your customers anywhere, at any time!

So why can’t you just do it yourself?

Without a social media manager, you may be spending tons of time, money and energy, haphazardly posting without the knowledge and strategy that will make your efforts worth the squeeze!

By hiring an expert you not only save yourself time and stress you also:

✔️Get freedom & time away from your social media platforms

✔️Allow yourself to focus on what you love and your business

✔️Get strategized social media marketing and a branded look and feel

✔️Ensure you are building valuable connections with your past, current and future customers

✔️Grow your audience size and help you become discoverable to new audiences who already want to know about you

✔️Provide entertainment, education and value to your audiences and in turn grow your referral network to new heights!

And SO much more!

Ready to invest in your business, your freedom of time and a bad ass social media strategy? Check out my services, below!

Social Media Coaching- $100/Session

This includes 1 hour of in depth social media coaching!

Using a personalized client questionnaire, I am able to customize the topics of discussion to make the most of our time during our call and best understand your pain points.

Each session Includes customized workbook and recap emailed to you after the session! Packages with discounted rates available.

*No minimum requirement- Maximum 2 sessions a month

Perfect for: The business owner who wants to learn, has some time to spare to execute social media on their own, has the creativity but doesn’t know how to execute, or just wants to grow their skill set!

Monthly Consulting - $300 / month

Think of this as your own personal, pocket social media guru!

With access to your account I am able to monitor activity, data and analytics and review them with you during a bi-weekly or monthly call!

During this call, we will review strategy, best practices, post ideas and your analytics. This will also be a time you can ask me questions so you are constantly learning. You will have unlimited email access for questions and text access (during business hours).

This gives you the knowledge and the structure to run your own social with ease, and have all of the tips and tricks to consolidate your time, while getting the most out of your efforts!

Perfect for the business owner who wants to take the fast track and get a really deep insight into their target demographic, strategy, how to reach them and the creative brainstorming to get them there!

This is also great for those who are not quite ready for social media management but would like to start the process of improving their presence!

Social Media Management

Full management of Instagram with complimentary cross posting to Facebook

Application of customized social media strategy

Branded social media posts & graphics

Weekly Instagram stories

Management of all comments, DM’s

Daily engagement

(Amount of posts and stories per week are dependent on package and this may also include: photography, business visits for reels, influencer outreach/booking facilitation, text support and more!)

Perfect for: Local businesses and restaurants who don’t have the time, knowledge or desire to learn or manage their social media marketing.

The business owner that feels tied to their account but doesn’t get excited to show up on social media, or feels their efforts are better spent on their own business.

The business that wants all of the bells and whistles of social media done for them, from photos, to engagement, posting, answering messages, responding to comments, graphics, and more!