Ney Díaz


My name is Neysha Díaz, I’m 25 years old. I’m from Aibonito, PR. but I live in Oahu, HI. Currently expecting a baby boy. I’m an Active Duty Soldier, who runs her own businesses from her phone.
I’m building a gang full of empowerment and knowledge, where you will learn how to manage your time and money, where you will learn how to develop yourself and mentor others.
I want to help others to become the best version of themselves. To understand that there’s so much more beyond what we are culturally thought.

I went through hell before starting my business from my phone and selling stuff online. I had to deal with a two weeks vacation from my living room, I wasn’t able to get gas, buy food, do anything and while living in Hawai’i. 4 weeks after this, I had a car accident, with less than $20 in my bank account. I was depressed, I was down. I needed go change that, I needed to do better for myself and my future.

You can always change where you at right now, work for it. I’m here to help you and mentor you.

Training site for you, for free.

I use this platform to share with others my knowledge, and everything I’ve been applying to my business that has helped me growth.

Use it. Love it. Share it.

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