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My name is Estefania. I will keep this short and sweet. I’m currently a flight attendant and loving it. My career came with dry skin, dry hair, irregular sleeping patterns and hours, etc... I am constantly working on bettering myself by finding better solutions to my problems . In addition to some of the issues I mentioned above, another problem I have is hypo thyroid, which may cause hair loss. I love my hair and felt I had to find a solution. In general, I have been trying to use more clean, or less toxic, beauty products on my skin, but never considered my scalp and hair until I was introduced to the #1 haircare company in America right now, MONAT. Why do we forget about our hair care?! No, I’m not talking about a home-made hair mask! Trust me, I did plenty of those. I have what’s called virgin hair, uncoloured or untreated hair. That goes to show how much I try to take care of it. The problem was that I was using the wrong products that contain harsh chemicals that over time cause damage to the health of my hair . The same way our skin ages, everything else ages, including your scalp and hair. That being said, I switched to a vegan sulfate-free hair care routine. Not only did I change my hair routine, but I’m also making extra money just out of the comfort of my phone.

If you are ready for healthier hair I’ll leave the link below. If you want to make some money from your phone and be part of the team in addition to having incredible healthy hair, DM me 💌 p.s swipe to take the hair quiz 🌱❤️