All about us

In the life of lionheads

Hey bunanas!

We are two lionhead buns named Nibbles and Muffin. We are California buns, born from the same litter and are males. Muffin is the shyer one who prefers to just relax, and flop! You will definitely see him laying down on the floor or on a bed most of the time. However, Nibbles on the other hand is the crazy one! He will do anything for food and can get very stubborn when he doesn’t get his way. However, he gives more kisses to his hooman then Muffin, but most of the time, he only does that for food. Either way, they are my fluffy blobs of black and I wouldn’t change them for the world.

Can’t wait to make new furfriends,
xoxo Nibs and Muff


Parents, siblings, etc

So, this is our family tree. It all started with our mom, Jewel, a white furred lionhead with red eyes, and Manny, a black furred lionhead, with dark eyes. Bunmom says she doesn’t really know the exact date of our birth but her estimation is Nov. 22, 2017. She based it off of some old videos and looked at the date of the oldest one, or the one we looked youngest in. Some time later,
Jewel and Manny once again had another baby, Benny, who was thought to be a boy, but was later revealed as a girl. In the time between thinking Benny was a boy, and finding out she was a girl, Jewel and Manny gave birth to a litter of 2 babies, a girl and a boy. The female of the litter was the only white bun of all the litters Jewel had so she was easily told apart from her brother who was more grey then black. They were given the names Sable and Cloud. Unfortunately Cloud passed away but her memory will never be forgotten. Sable is fine now and living happily with his family, however they might be looking to take in a roommate for Sable.

Where did all the other buns go?

Well, obviously, I took Nibs and Muff in, Jewel, Manny, and Benny are living together in the care of a nice woman and they actually have a whole room! Sable lives happily with his bunmom up in Washington.