Nicole Apeles

Wildflower Essentials

Welcome gals!
My name is Nicole Apeles, Christ follower, girl mama, girlfriend, sister, daughter and lover of all things N A T U R A L!

My natural living lifestyle started when our daughter was about 4 months old. I started questioning the products we were using for her and really began my research with an open mind. I found there are numerous companies who are deceiving with products and really only care about profit.
Once we established clean and natural products for her I asked myself well what aren’t we doing the same thing for ourselves?!

My ‘ditch and switch’ began and I’m never looking back. We are 99% toxic & chemical and toxin free in our home and the mind is completely at ease now. I never have to worry if our daughter gets into products under the sinks or accidentally worry about the cleaner we are using in our home. Once we switched over to Young Living, our lives have been changed.

Chemicals are no longer in our home, we tossed all of our over-the-counter medicine and rely on nature aka these amazing oils from God’s beautiful creation. Our health is booming and our daughter is continuing to thrive each day. We are so confident in this products because they WORK!

Young Living doesn’t stop at just oils! From cleaning products to make-up and supplements and everything in between, this amazing company is a 1-stop shop.

There are other products we use that are not Young Living and highly recommend them as well and love to share all of our natural treasures!

I hope this space is a safe place to explore what nature truly has to offer to you and your family. I will continue to share our story and how we tackle the day. From our family to yours, WELCOME to Wildflower Essentials! We hope you stay a while!