Welcome to my page!

Hey! I'm Nicole :)

I am a momma to a 1 year old boy named Joshua and a fur baby named Joey. I am a wife. I am a dental assistant and I am an entrepreneur. This is just the short list of the many titles I hold!

Earlier this year I had been watching instagram stories as we all do on a daily and saw my friend posting about these amazing hair products. Not only was she going on about how amazing her hair was but she was also posting about making money from doing so. Say what?! At this point I am a pretty new momma and I am exhausted so I let it be. Let's fast forward to June. My friend is still posting about her bomb hair and all the money she's making and I'm over here still watching and my time on maternity leave is coming to an end. Now I need to add in that I am a pretty open minded individual, knew nothing about MLM companies and knew my hair was pretty fucked up from pregnancy and all that jazz. I also dreaded the thought of not being able to stay home with my boy. There was a lot of shit going on!

Anyways, my friend posted about sending off samples to anyone who wanted to try the products and I jumped at that opportunity because I thought this way I have absolutely nothing to lose. To be perfectly honest I have never been so excited to receive samples in my whole entire life, she really hyped these products up! So the day came and I received my samples and legitimately handed my son off to his grandparents so I could go wash my hair right away. I was sold. After the first wash I knew instantly that these products were life changing. To be honest I had no idea what I was getting myself into but I knew that these products were magic and I just dived right into the business.

Keep in mind while I was waiting for the samples I was contemplating about the business. A lot of things were going through my head. Questions like: "can I really make money from selling shampoo?" And "are people going to think I'm crazy for doing this?" Or "will my husband give me the support I need to take this on?". Then there was a lot of self-doubt going on, I had thoughts like: "people won't buy from me" and "I know nothing about shampoo". For most people I think this is a normal thought process but honestly after I tried the products the only thing that was going through my head was "I'll just figure it out".