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Welcome to my page...

I’m Nicole and I'm so glad you are here.

Here is a little about me...

I’m a wife to Todd Crews and a mama of 2 awesome children. I'm from Germany and a foodie at heart. I’m growing a greater appreciation for gardening and exploring all that nature brings. I’ve had the privilege of traveling around the world and try different cuisines. I love to cook and challenge myself with all things sourdough, fermenting, and pickling.

I love Jesus, and I’m grateful for all the adventures I have experienced since I said yes to Jesus. I love my family and friends. I thrive in a community that goes deep. I love to gather people and host a good get together. We are adopting and excited to invite you along the journey.

I have a passion for helping others move forward. I love to build others up. I believe that what we have experienced in life becomes our ministry to others. I love entrepreneurship and serving with a team that believes in each other.

Let's talk Skin

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We are so excited to invite you on this journey with us

I love adding value to people

I love to share anything that blesses me with others

I love to cook wholeheartedly and I love a good education for my children. I'm honored that I get to homeschool my children and customize how we educate them based on our values.

Darling Food by Nicole

I'm passionate about cooking tasty food. Be inspired by my garden & join me on a delicious journey w/ dishes that make you gather people at your table


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Focus on these things...

Your focus determines your outcome