Hi I’m Nicole

Wife, Mom, Coffee Addicted, Target Lover

So I’m a mom and a bonus mom of 6 kids... yeah you heard that right 6 kids! Ages 19-6 (yes your prayers are welcomed) I’m a wife to an amazingly talented husband (don’t tell him I said so lol) he can sing, play drums (I’ve always had a thing for the drummers in a band), play guitar and write songs! I told you he was talented! He is also the chief pilot of a private charter company so he gets to fly some pretty fancy planes. Along with the kids we have 2 horse, 2 kunekune pigs, 2 frenchies, 3 other dogs, and more chickens then anyone every really needs! As you can see we have a lot going on. But I’m so grateful for this life and our little zoo.

I’m not just a wife and a mom... I’m also a cardio kickboxing instructor, shampoo slinger, online boutique owner, ptc president, 4-H leader, and more but that’s all for right now. I love you throw birthday parties, themed events, and well just a party in general. I even have an entire room dedicated to my party supplies.
I am on a currently journey of finding myself and strengthening my relationship with God. Because change starts with me. My word for 2021 is “intentional”... I’m going to be more intentional on reaching my goals for myself and my businesses. One day at time, one goal at a time. Baby steps...
I love to help people find the right outfit for any occasion and give them the gift of the most amazing haircare and skincare at the same time. I’m all about making your feel beautiful no matter where you are in life. So if you need me I’m here for you.
My favorite scripture in the Bible is
Jeremiah 29:11. It speaks to my soul and is my daily reminder of God’s plans for me.

Rustic June