I am Nicole and this is my world of Love and Light

Have you ever felt disconnected from yourself?
Your family, friends or loved ones?
Have you ever been curious to what else there is in store for you?
What does the freedom of letting go of fear, judgement, worry look like to you?
Transformation is not hard.
It’s right there inside of you.
It’s been there the whole time, and I am here to clear the channels for you back to yourself.

Welcome to Nicole Loving Earth.

I am here.
I am able to tap in directly to what is truly holding you back, I see what can’t be seen, I hear what can’t be heard.
For all I can do, and the services I offer, still my greatest joy is seeing my clients face after the session. It’s transformative, it’s instant and it’s pure love.

I do this is by bringing the spiritual world into the living world. I bring the love and light.
Here to serve only your Highest Good and help you to reach your potential.

By connecting with the Divine, my Guides and Angels, I am able to delve deep into what is blocking or preventing you reaching your full potential here in this world.

Whether it be past trauma or pain, family and loving relationships, how you speak to those in your life or yourself, I am here to help guide and change your thought patterns to those where you know you are loved, supported and protected.
Creating a harmonious connection between yourself and your world. Finding the path of least resistance to a loving being of joy in all moments.
With what I am guided to do it is a combination of Intuitive Energy and my own intuition.
Guided by the Divine in all practices.

There is joy all around us in every moment,
there is love,
and there is kindness.
Opening yourself up to these experiences only creates more. It is infinite and I’m here to help you find your way ❤️

Helping the world to heal, bring light to darkness and show that there is an easier and more harmonious way of doing things.

I am so happy you are here, and I have to ask-

What are you waiting for?

Looking forward to connecting with you ✨

This is me!

Mmmmmmm, I am so excited you are here!
I’ve missed you ❤️

If this is your first time meeting me,
Hi my name is Nicole!
I’m an Intuitive Energy Healer and direct conduit of the Divine based in Sydney.
I have a deep connection to the Ocean, I love surfing and I surf everyday after watching sunrise and my morning meditation.
I am here to bring the light and love, here to be the sunshine, and it’s effortless, it’s abundant, it’s my lifestyle.
I love playing my bongo drum, and have recently discovered my singing voice! I always have music playing and it is a big part of my life,
I love food, delicious and healthy food, I don’t drink coffee and shy away from alcohol or drugs.

For me, ascension, connection and being connected was a practise, and now just is, so no external forces are required,
My daily practice and reverence and respect for all who have walked the path before me is showing me the way, the way to accessing all that is within me.

My life, I love. Myself, I love,
I respect all, I love all unconditionally and all have free will.
I have strong connection with my family, my friends, and the Earth, the Cosmos and all there is ✨
We are all here to do great things and I see this greatness in you ✨