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Amplified Soul Living - Amplify Your Life ✴ Life In Quantum HD ✴

Hello AMAZING Souls,

I'm Nicole A Medina. Welcome to my page.

A few things about me:

🦋 Human Vitality Empowerment & Emotional Freedom Coach.

🦋 I support depleted women in business detox from self neglect, putting everyone else first, comparisonitist, numbing, built up fear, stress, anxiety and overwhelm. This way shedding layers of perfectionism and “Always Being On” can offer the pathway to ascend into higher modes of living. Thus, Amplify their self worth, confidence, self-love, motivation, restored well-being and emotional intelligence.

It’s time to drop Self- Care is Selfish and learn to put your Oxygen Mask on first to restore Life Force Energy that’s your birthright.

🦋 I teach how to repurpose and transform stress into regenerative qualities to bring more calm into the every day.

🦋 Lover of Life and All Things High Vibes, Basking in the Portals of Limitless Possibilities.

🦋 Life Amplifier | Futurist | Quantum Mind Adventurer

🦋 Destroyer of Stereotypes, Creating a Life Fueled by Purpose and my Mission to help create a better earth, sustainable future and aid in eradicating generational, cultural and economic barriers and divide.

🦋 Living my truth in accordance with OUR Almighty Father, God 🙏🌟

🦋 Expanding Daily In Spirituality

🦋 Also known as Wellness Love Vixen 💋

🦋 Wholistically & Wholeheartedly Transforming Lives one ❤️ at a time.

🦋 I EMPOWER High Achieving Women in Business who feel stuck, drained, overwhelmed, lacking motivation, have hit a glass ceiling, been laid off or on the edge of burnout because of “Always Being On” Gain Clarity, Craft a Soul-Aligned Life to Amplify & Activate their Vitality Self-Worth and true Potentiality to Live a Freely Amplified Life in full HD (High Definition).

🦋 On any given day you can find me in the kitchen creating high vibrational meals and snacks like Guacamole, Hummus, Vitality Smoothies and delicious salad bowls. I will let you in on a secret, I love pickles and when I was a kid my siblings and cousins would tease me that I was going to be selling pickles on the corner. I'm the QUEEN Pickle Snack Lady.



Nicole is such a thoughtful, caring, insightful coach with a strong commitment and dedication to help others create an empowered life. She has helped me tremendously as I was searching for clarity and confidence with my new business, and with myself. 

I loved working with Nicole! She is a warm and encouraging spirit, an excellent listener and supportive professional!

Judy Loe
Transformational Coach in Health & Wellness

Testimonial  —

I’m very grateful to have worked with Nicole, last year during a challenging period of my life. She only not has been an amazing coach but a business mentor. She truly understands my emotions and guided me through it. She is such a great listener.

I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for an intuitive, sincere and passionate coach to truly transform their life and business.

Phoebecates Perez, RTT Therapist


Group Coaching Testimonial

In 2020, during the strange time of Covid, I worked with Nicole as a mindset coach to give a webinar on the topic: Train The Brain for Success and Happiness - Bend Reality and Amplify Your Life.

We got 3 sessions of 90 minutes each together with a community of entrepreneurs and dreamers from all around the world. All the people who attended gave me incredible feedback and were very happy about Nicole’s teaching. They asked for more!

Envisioning the future and being happy now is very difficult and the practices we’ve learned were really valuable. A huge thanks to Nicole’s hard work to prepare and I would work with her again when the opportunity will arise. 

Mikel Mangold / Innovation Project Manager, Venture Lab NGK NTK

Amplify Your Life


I briefly worked with Nicole while I was looking to better myself in both time management and overall focus. She was very punctual, understanding of my life situation as a single mom, and wanted to see me thrive for myself and for my family. 

We met over the phone once a week, I told her what was going on in my life and what were my main focus points. With that information, she was able to help me create strategies on how to move forward with certain obstacles, as well as the mindset to have to get there. She was even able to help me create boundaries that needed to be established in my life.

I really enjoyed working with Nicole and look forward to working with her again in the future! 

Aryana Tabaie, CHC