About Me

Living a luxe and free life making money on autopilot

As a mum of three and working part time so it's needless to say my hands are pretty full.

I know what it's like, I know we as mums need something that WORKS and works REALLY well without a lot or any of our attention.

If 2020/21 has taught me something it's that nothing is guaranteed , nothing secure like we once thought.

So many of my family and friends lost their jobs due to the Melbourne lockdowns. My husband only had to reduce his hours thankfully , but that was the trigger for us to seriously get into gear and find some other ways to create our wealth.

Multiple income streams is what I wanted but most of all I wanted them to be passive. I was busy enough with work, home, kids and throw in homeschooling for what feels like the 65th time.

I started searching for the elusive multiple income streams and decided to jump into the forex space. I was skeptical , I thought it sounded too good to be true, but my curiosity got the better of me and I'm so thankful it did.

Let me ask you, if you could tap in to the 5-trillion dollar Forex market without actually knowing how to trade, and be guaranteed to double your money, would you like to know how? That's a hell yes from me.

In December last year I used $2500 I had in my savings account and purchased three Forex trading contracts. (Coz who doesn't want to earn more) . It took me less than 20 mins to set up.

72 hours later my money started to work, after my first week of trading I was delivered a nice little 5.7% on my money.

Every single week since that day I have been getting paid every Sunday like clockwork.

It’s like a savings account on steroids. The compounding effect is mind blowing !!

In 11 months I’ve received 10 times more money than what I put in. Absolutely mind blowing! I'm talking over $7200 per month'.

My trading contracts are sitting at $37,000...

Here's what you need to know:

* You are paid every weekend no matter what, even if you don’t do anything

* You can start from as little as $300USD and be earning within 72 hours

* Easy to withdraw your returns off the platform

* You get to tap into the CRYPTO market too as we are paid in Bitcöin (you can then exchange for normal money if you wish - so simple)

* No skills or special knowledge required

Welcome to the world of being paid each week for doing nothing.

Check out the video below to get your head around this project and follow the videos on the next page by swiping right and see how easy it is to get yourself set up.

Once you’ve purchased your trading contract/s please reach out by private message if you’d like to be a part of our community. I’m happy to support you in your journey also to the 100k pack (a matter of WHEN not IF).

Otherwise, enjoy earning money each and every week!

If you want to learn more about CFX I encourage you to watch your due diligence video click the link below.

Due Diligence video about cfx