Did we just become besties?!

Blessed to have you here, friend!

Hey friend! My name is Nicole Vynzell or many know me as NV - usually aka your fave hype girl.

Through self-growth, I’ve learned that I am MOST passionate about helping women fulfill their need for security, freedom, love, and their own passion (amongst other fun things like Disney & food😝)

Not gonna lie, I have been in seasons of life where I was lacking one or all of those things. Whether I was struggling to pay bills, dealing with loss of a loved ones, or just not feeling as though I was making an impact in life the way I knew I could be—I’ve been there and I’m all for sharing how I’ve found my way out.

By ☀️, I’m up 3x a week before the sunrise, being my members’ biggest level-up hype girl! I am a Fitness Trainer for Orangetheory fitness & Health/Wellness coach and I have absolutely fallen in LOVE with showing people that they CAN do hard things and there is NOTHING in that studio or in LIFE that they cannot handle!

By 🌙, I am a ONEHOPE Cause Entrepreneur, which is a fancy way of saying: I sell wine that gives back to charity. I started with ONEHOPE July 2021, and have built my team up 4 promotions in my first month in business and have a GROWING Team of 55+ cause entrepreneurs! I had NO prior experience selling wine (let alone drinking it #lightweight🤓), but once I saw the vision & the mission, I couldn’t stay away… that’s when I knew I had to be part of this community. I’ve been able to learn & earn simultaneously - having the most FUN doing it!

All day everyday, I am an aspiring wifey and family girl🤪 in a deeply wholesome 10+ year relationship with my truest bestest of friends, Jaytee. Friendship, trust, respect, communication and down right good luvin’ have been the foundation of our relationship since high school and I can’t be more blessed with my dude. Next stop… ring 💍 please?! 😜

Anyway, I pride myself in being able to connect by the heart especially with those who might need it most. I never meet a stranger and I love helping my gal pals feel their best & supporting them like family.

So bestie - you ready to fly?! LFG.

With love & light,


Every month I help others fundraise for causes important to them! If you’d like a link for your cause - send me a message! Wine is bought everywhere, #winenot give back too?!


This is my jaaaam! How can I help?!