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I might just be that girl on your newsfeed that changes your life...

Two years ago, I was wanting more in life. Not only for myself but for my littles. I was a stay at home mom of 3! I knew that I couldn't afford childcare and go back to work just to pay for it. My husband was the bread winner and I wanted so bad to help to relieve some of that stress.. Nobody knew how bad we were struggling. Every night I prayed that God would make way to help our family.

One day a complete stranger reached out to me on Facebook, and told me about her social media marketing business that retired her from her nursing job. I watched her for about 4 months, thinking there is no way I could be successful at something like this (something that I had already failed at years before). But God kept whispering to my heart-to go for it. I finally reached out to her and told her I'm ready for more! That moment of bravery and faith changed everything.

A few months after starting my direct sales business, we had the extra monthly money I was hoping for. I realized that God had led me back to this business again for SO MUCH MORE.

Today I feel absolutely blessed to be able to provide for my little family. One moment of courage has changed my life. ❤

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