This is how we Lumi it!

Welcome to the ins and outs of the Worlds No.1 beauty device, the Lumispa.

Here you’ll find all you need to know about how it works, my skin journey and more!

My Skin Journey

My skin journey through a year of using the LumiSpa, it’s not perfect, however, I take medication that reacts with my skin so I have a constant fluctuations with good and bad periods of time.

May 2019

Here my skin was at it’s worst, it was sore rough and no matter what I did nothing was helping.
Then I got the LumiSpa.

August 2019

After using the LumiSpa consistently everyday morning and evening, my skin massively cleared up, and gave me the lumi glow!

September 2019

So much clearer and way more confident leaving the house with no makeup on!

Let’s talk cleansers

The LumiSpa comes with a free cleanser to match your skin type.
Normal to combo
Blemish prone

Take full advantage of 7-in-1 solution for youthful looking skin. Cleanse your face using our activating cleanser best suited to your skin type, for two minutes twice a day.

7 skincare benefits delivered after every use
1. Thorough cleansed skin
2. Reduced appearance of pores
3. Skin is smoother to the touch
4. Skin will look and feel softer
5. Improved radiance
6. Clearer, brighter skin
7. Visibly refreshed complexion

Test Time

I decided to put the LumiSpa to the test to see just good it really is!

Can it remove a full face of makeup in two minutes!

Yes it can

Can it remove Permanent Marker

Yes it can!

Comparison to micellar water

Payment Plans

So, if you would like to spread the cost of your LumiSpa you can... how it works is that you’d pay £50 deposits and the the cost is then split in two equal payments. Receive an invoice for each payment so you know where you’re up to.

Then your LumiSpa will be delivered straight to your door. It’s that simple.

Or of course you can pay in full!