Hi there, is Nicolle Pasquel!

Let's change your life together and get free!

Nearly 3 years ago, I was living paycheck to paycheck working as a housekeeper and I was miserable. Little did I know I would be washing up in the same rooms that I was cleaning because for a short period of time I was homeless as well.

I went from being complacent and unhappy to joyful and at peace when an opportunity came across to me through a random phone call from my previous employer. I met up with my former employer/friend and he brought me to a gathering where there were people getting recognized and promoted. I saw women my age tell their stories about how they were receiving unlimited bonuses, firing their bosses, and retiring their loved ones I could not believe it but I was so broke I wanted to see how they did that and how I could to.

I heard a small voice tell me, "Sit down and be open minded. This will change your life." I prayed so many times for an answer and this time I had to be still in believe. It was right there in front of me. All I had to do was do exactly what I saw the women and men do. I jumped in without a question and never looked back. I saw what I didn't want before so I had to see what was possible if I tried "something new ".

Now three short years later, I have seen my mentor and coach making $300,000 plus bonuses annually. I am on my way towards that 6 figure income and was able to quit my job, replace my previous monthly income, and after having my baby girl work from home exclusively making money from my smartphone.

Being led by my intuition and coachability has changed my entire life. Betting on myself and taking that jump into freedom has me now in position to impact so many lives.

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