I like to pack my bags, go to a country where I don't speak the language, fall in love, get my heart broken, eat good food, dance all night, write about it, and do it all again. NYC - Paris based

Hi! My name is Nicole Maria. I love to travel, take pictures and sometimes write about it. My friends and family think I am cursed as I seem to attract very strange people and am always stuck in weird situations. I think they make for funny stories. So, I hope you enjoy my mix of travel-writing, photography, and funny anecdotes!
Based in Paris and NYC, I’ll also be writing about my cultural, gastronomic, and fashion adventures. Bisous xx

I’m also on YouTube

No, I am not a vlogger but I do enjoy recording snippets of my adventures.

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Bestfriend, Boyfriend, and Infinity Pools Looking Out Onto the Sea - A Hamptons Getaway


(pronounced /flanˈriː/ /flanʀi/ ) is the action or habit of strolling, strolling aimlessly in the streets of Paris and elsewhere. Wasting time, wandering, and observing. There’s a warmth that invites you to linger. To admire aesthetics.

Travel Essentials

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Artist Profile: Juli from Creabilia

Juli is a self-taught artist who is originally from Venezuela and has been living in the Parisian suburbs for the last three years. She enjoys creating and discovering new ways to do it; professing that she “loves that ‘sky’s the limit’ feeling towards the act of creating.” As a child, Juli loved to paint and is now exploring other mediums such as video-making, lino-printing, and bookbinding.

I had the chance to speak to Julie from Creabilia Atelier about her new series called ‘Home’. Visit my tumblr to learn more about this amazing artist.


We Need to Talk about Hortense Manicini!

From escaping an abusive husband dressed as man to playing pranks on nuns at a convent, here are the inspiring and hilarious escapades of a 17th century italian duchess, Hortense Mancini.

I’m Not Gondolie, Venice Has My Heart

“I know now what it means to be a wanderess. There were a million alleyways and they seemed to form a labyrinth. Some were so narrow that even my own body, so feeble and bony, seemed to barely squeeze through. There was no point in using a map. The city is a maze. And, if you did put a map in front of your face, you would probably walk yourself into a canal. It was just what I needed. To be lost, to drift, and to float. In surroundings so inexplicably beautiful.”

A Bizarre Conversation With A Dutchman

Stranger: "anyways, I got to get going. I’m on my way to the gay club. If you want you could join?"
Me: "no thank you, I just got here so I have more sightseeing to do"
Stranger: "oh ok! Not a problem…but do take my advice and go see the live sex show"
Me: *in my head "that’s a thing????”*


“London is such a peculiar city. Coming from New York, I was expecting an older gloomier version of Manhattan. And yes, on the surface that’s exactly what I found....”

Down South for the Summer

Paris during the summer? Not a chance. I needed the sea, the wind, and the sun… and so I went down south and had a wonderful little holiday by the Mediterranean. If you want to share in the wonderful sites I saw in Marseille, the Calanques, and Aix-en-Provence, click click click. Bisous xxx

on what love should feel like

a poem by nicole maria

he feels like 
the sun 
and the wind
the beach 
and the mountains 
he tastes like 
and wine
and sounds like 
and queen

One Week on the Yucatan Peninsula

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I went to Spain to see the hometown of a warrior queen

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The Dolomites

I went to the most beautiful place in the world and wrote about it

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« I am back at our Airbnb and if you thought the craziness of the night ended you will find yourself to be wrong. Our creepy Airbnb host kept asking us to have dinner with him. He said he had made some rice. »