HELLO everyone my name is Nigel Niulevaea, just an ordinary Islander from the streets of South Auckland New Zealand. I am at the age of 22, family of 5. 2 siblings plus my parents including me, love being out with nature, staying fit exercise, outdoors is where I’m mainly at with family spending quality time together enjoying each sec of the day 🙌

So for those who don’t really know me I’m an island born, raised in New Zealand, Growing up in South Auckland was very interesting have your ups n downs around the area, didn’t find it hard ya know, I personally found it interesting. Was a struggle for family financially due to 1 person working in my family at the time, overall my time in Sout Auckland, not gonna lie I Don’t Regret Anything. I’m proud to be raised up in South Auckland.

Around Growing up my parents have made big sacrifices in order to supply for our lil family, My parents struggles quiet a bit raising cause it was difficult for my dad to get to work with no car we stayed in (Manurewa) n my dad worked at (Mangere) but still managed to make it n all🙏food on the table, lunch for school. Just personally found it a big struggle but pulled thru

Reaching high school at the time was great, getting prepared for the outta world. Then started to see money, n how to make earnings. My mind kinda change from what I wanna do to wanting to support my family financially. I wanted to focus more on suppling n helping my parents out cause as I was getting older my mind started to realise the HUGE sacrifices that were made. I wanted to return the favour dropped outta high school on my last year started working from there to continue to support my family .

And NOW I’m currently on the roll to pursue my DREAMS & GOALS, Financially stabled, not having to ever work my 9-5,

This space has given me Financial freedom 💯 for me my aiga (family). The freedom to enjoy every sec of the day with famz n friends and ALSO make that income.

This ain’t no funny jokes that you see around scammers n all that HELL NO

🙌if you BELIEVE,TRUST,PLAN,GOALS,ACHIEVER kinda mindset make a start 🔥 it’s never to late to start!!!💸