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Founder of NikiMarie Productions LLC, Nikiya Rodriguez, announces the launch of a new season on her internet-based Podcast, The NikiMarie Radio Show, and her morning show on WCAA-LP 107.3FM, Albany

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Kobe Bryant Tribute on WCAA-LP 107.3FM, Albany

Season 3

Value Your Time: Endless Possibilities & Boundless Opportunities

Women In Business: Career Transition & The Power of Saving During a Pandemic

Quarantine Vibes: Women Making an Impact by Sharing Their Stories

Interview with Founder & Author, Ketra Richmond: Shell of a Woman

Mental Health Matters: Phone Interview With The Boris L Henson Foundation E.D, Tracie Jade Jenkins

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Mental Health Advocate, Founder & Motivational Speaker

Nikiya Rodriguez is an entrepreneur, founder of NikiMarie Productions LLC, motivational speaker, content creator and a volunteer radio host at WCAA-LP 107.3FM, Albany.

The NikiMarie Radio Show was launched with the primary goal of promoting exceptional individuals who have positively impacted the lives of others and creatively effected changes in their community or across the globe. Nikiya Rodriguez is also a host and Executive Producer alongside Janol Mecca Holmes on a podcast that is featured on Roku and Apple TV under Rev X TV via e360tv. Since its debut in March 2020, they have interviewed legendary and renowned hip-hop/r&b music producer Easy Mo Bee and Hip-Hop Pioneer former host of Yo! MTV Raps, Doctor Dre.

History has shown that virtually everyone can contribute their quota to effecting the change they desire. However, some individuals have done remarkably well in dedicating their resources – time and money, to pursue a cause for the betterment of mankind. Unfortunately, many of such persons are either not celebrated or do not get the platform to say it as it is by touching on their struggles. Consequently, Nikiya Rodriguez has launched a no-holds-barred morning show that will allow these special people to lift the veil and share their stories with the world like never before.

The NikiMarie Radio Show (internet-based podcast) will interview personalities from all walks of life, providing motivational content and useful business tips to listeners. The NikiMarie Radio show and Mornings with NikiMarie on WCAA-LP 107.3FM Albany (Community Radio) mirror the same goal. Both shows will feature entrepreneurs, visionaries, business owners, and a host of others as they share their stories and struggles with listeners worldwide.

To listen to the new season, which is available anywhere you listen to podcast, you can go to and tune in to WCAA-LP 107.3FM, Albany on Fridays at 9:30AM EST for Mornings with NikiMarie

For more information about Nikiya Rodriguez and The NikiMarie Radio Show, please visit LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram.

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Everyone has a story that needs to be heard but we are often afraid to speak up and walk in our truth. I would like to share my story about my lessons throughout my life and how I got to where I am today. It’s a story of realization, sorrow, fear, sacrifice, pain, depression and triumph. Exploring the chapters of my life have been able to give me the tools I needed to gain my confidence and the freedom to tell my story, my way. I needed to go through the healing process to find my voice and build strength and wisdom. Now my mission is to help others find their voice and give them the motivation to tell their story. When we share our stories, we discover so many lessons and come to realize, we are not alone and our stories are not signs of weakness but of strength.


The Balancing Act: High, Lows & Lessons

Mental Health Advocate and Radio Host, @nikimarie_radio created, The Balancing Act: Highs, Lows & Lessons to bring more awareness to mental health and provide support to listeners who want to share their mental health journey.

Some of the topics:

• Depression
• Anxiety
• Panic Attacks
• Insomnia
• Spirituality
• Journal Writing
• Gratitude
• Medication
• Sexual Assault
• CBD Oil
• Self Medication
• COVID-19
• Nutrition
• The Power of Forgiveness

- Licensed mental health therapists, mental health advocates and resource organizations are welcomed and needed. DM and emails are accepted me, email [email protected]

Finding A Healthy Balance & Happiness Within

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I’ll be sharing my personal story along with tips on finding balance. If you have listened to my most recent podcast episode, “The Words We Tell Ourselves” than you know some of the words I’ve had to tell myself, morning, noon and night. Tap in and ask questions or just listen.