get to know @kamyphobia

i prefer she/her pronouns, you can use any besides neos!

i just recently started my account and i am trying to grow. i rarely follow people back. <3

i prefer ages 10-15 but 16-18 are okay if you aren’t weird.

i will not hesitate to block anyone who missuses my pronouns.

my name is kamy <3🐇

my coloring!

apps: 24FPS, prequel, colourtone, snow and vont

FIRST: go to safari and search “red flavor qr code” ss it, then go to 24FPS and insert the qr code with the video!

SECOND: prequel, glow:25%, blur40%

THIRD: colourtone then go to video, edit then go to filters and put the “vogue” filter to 75%. next you go to exposure and put exposure and shadows all the way DOWN. lastly, you go to HSL and put red saturation all the way up! (ALL COLOURTONE FOR THIS)

FOURTH (OPTIONAL): go to the app SNOW and tap the edit button at the bottom left and select the video and at the bottom go to AR filter and find the one you want!

FIFTH (OPTIONAL): go to vont and insert your video into it and then choose the font and whatever you prefer from there!


why you should follow me if you don’t already!

i am a very respectful and responsible content creator. <3

i usually try to make sure i am online and posting on a good schedule so i can make my viewers happy!

i post two times a day and always am online unless i am with family or sleeping or at school!

i stan minx, jack, tommy, tubbo and niki mostly, but i support all people on the dsmp!

i am not going to judge you for being in the lgbtq community! i am questioning myself also!

my account is a safe place! i try to make videos often to not be a dead account. i have good humor i just want to be mature! 🐇