Creating a dream life in my early 20’s

Making income through social networking

Hey there!

I’m Nikki, a 24 year old entrepreneur, soon to be wife, and dog mom. I utilize my social media platforms educating, demonstrating, and promoting vegan anti-aging products to help other women feel and look their best while working directly from their phones.

Last December I was a newly graduated college student who had quit my job during the 2020 pandemic and had no direction of where to restart. I wanted to make money but I didn’t want to work minimum wage for the rest of my 20’s waiting for the promotions to hit once I had “enough” experience, according to someone else.

I have initiated and helped women utilize their social media while building a stable income. College student, 9-5er, mom’s, teachers literally anyone is able to learn the skills. If you’d like to be a part of an empowering movement, need some extra cash or time freedom - I’m ready to chat!

Being able to create a sustainable business right from my device whenever and wherever I am has been the most liberating feeling. No more 9-5’s, I’m here to make a bold difference in the way people earn income.

Social marketing is the new and best way to make money easily and efficiently. We’re all on social media every day, why not create an extra income while doing so?

Clean beauty and vegan products are a passion of mine. If you’re struggling with finding the right hair or skin routine, I’m here to help!

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If you are ready to ditch mainstream income working on your own terms and make money straight from your phone - keep reading

I graduated high school and automatically was pushed to go away to college. I had no idea what I wanted to do as a career so I winged it.

I went to 3 different colleges over the course of 5 years. Multiple majors later I finally decided on one just to graduate. No, I didn’t go to school for business or even had any interest in business or marketing whatsoever.

Post grad, I went through 3 different jobs which never really felt like anything since I had to start from the bottom at minimum wage, no matter what. I was tired of working 9-5s for company’s or people that didn’t pay me for the talent I knew I was capable of.

All aspects of my life were effected: personally, emotionally, and physically. I didn’t have time for things that truly bring me joy.

If you’ve ever had to struggle just to make ends meet living paycheck to paycheck at the expense of someone else’s bank account you get it.

This job has created freedom for me that I never thought was a possibility since I was always told working for someone else’s already successful business would make me the big checks.

I always wanted to contribute financially to the life my fiancé and I live. But wasn’t sure at what cost I’d be able to do that.

This job has completely changed the way I look at my future. I’m now able to contribute to the goals we talk about.

I originally said no to this offer because I didn’t know all it could do for me. The supportive team of intelligent hardworking women. The personal development. The knowledge on clean products. I was missing all of it because I was the one holding myself back.

I’ve personally seen people in my circle benefit dramatically from this opportunity. Mom’s staying home with their babies, students pay for their college tuition or pay off debt, friends buy their dream homes. These families get the extra income they were searching for to make life comfortable.

Whether you’re looking for a part-time side hustle or a full-time gig, this can easily fit into your lifestyle.

If you’ve made it this far, THIS is your sign. Be part of something that will change your life for the better. Let’s do this together!

Click the link below and fill out your information so I can contact you and we can start making your dream life happen!