Digital Creator, Photographer, Artist, Educator, Entrepreneur & Stay at Home Mama

Hello all!

I’m a mama to a beautiful one year old girl! I love being a mama above all else! I am a qualified teacher and have taken a break from teaching to be a stay at home mama.

I have been exploring a lot of new hobbies and interests and have decided to start my own small businesses!

Some of my passions and interests include: creating digital content, design and photography.

Right now I’m really passionate and interested in Outdoor & Nature Photography, Abstract Photography and Child & Baby Photography!

I recently designed my very own photo preset packs. They really put a unique spin on my photos and create such unique effects.

Make sure to check out my website “Nikki Laine Photography” soon my preset packs will be available for purchase. You can view my photography collections, the prints are currently available for purchase. If you like my style of photography and are interested in hiring me for any specialty photography projects, feel free to reach out!

Nikki Laine Digital Content:
I design logos, menus and other designs for personal use and small businesses. People have hired to me for birthday parties to create a design for birthday cups. Small businesses have also hired me to design their menu, social media posts and business logos. If you’re interested in finding more about pricing, what I offer or seeing some examples of my work, feel free to shoot me a DM or email.

“The Soaring Toddler” is my newest small business endeavour I have been creating fun, sensory, engaging edible play dough and sensory packs for your toddlers to enjoy!

Please make sure to check out my websites, links and other social media platforms to see what my businesses and passions are all about!