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Monat Hair & Skin Care

Naturally based, anti-aging hair and skin care for men, women, children & pets! Clinically backed, vegan products with no toxic ingredients & 30-day money back guarantee.

Why I 💗 Monat: Amazing results. Effective ingredients. Makes everyday self care routines FUN. Pretty packaging. Get paid to wash your hair & face. Relationship building. Mentorship. Opportunity.

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Quarantine & Shop

Check out our essential merch to get you through these times. Portions of proceeds are donated to different relief funds monthly.

Why I 💗 Q&S: Giving back. Witty, new world phrases. Casual everyday basics. Good value.

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You’re either a dog mom, or you know one. Hook a dog mom up with a cute, simple hat perfect for dog walking.

5 available colors, also available: dog DAD hats

Why I 💗 DogMa: Simple design. Comfortable fit. Complements everything. Good go-to hat. First product I’ve created & sold! Looks so cute on everyone. My baby project.

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ProLon Fast-Mimicking Diet

5 day Plant Based program that nourishes your body while promoting stem cell regeneration and weight loss

Why I 💗 ProLon: Gives an amazing energy boost. Lost over 25 lbs in 3 months. Short diet, goes by fast. Feels like a game as you’re doing it. Food tastes good. The science behind this is A1.

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5 full size beauty products for $25/month.

Why I 💗 BoxyCharm: Killer deal. High quality products. Pays for itself in 1 product. Helps me learn more about beauty and brands I like. Not expensive to keep.

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Monthly dog treats and toys for $25.

Why I 💗 BarkBox: My Furbie loves BarkBox. High quality. Great value. Instantly used. Wears my puppy out.

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