How and when to take Snaps

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📌When should you take your snaps?

Don’t be afraid to mix up and see what works for YOU and your body best! ♥️🎉

Zlem sleep and slim  —

Sleeping better then ever and losing weight while I sleep

Seriously sleeping like a man….

I mean it yall! I get to sleep in no time after snapping my zlem now and I sleep all night long without waking up. It also has relaxed me and my back pain so that I can get a full night rest. Waking up refreshed and ready to take on my day.

Dreaming again and burning fat while I sleep. I am down 17 pounds in 8 weeks and still losing inches everyday. I honestly feel like myself again X1000.

Trust me if you struggle with sleep or weight this is the most amazing snap ever. Want faster results I take the bran and zlem together for stacked benefits ❤️

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Zlem and Bran combo

I finally found what works

I was ready to give up!!!!!

I struggled for a very long time to lose my extra pregnancy pounds. I tried so many different things and nothing worked. 6 years of different pills, powders, diets, and more. I then found out my hormones were all over the place and that was a big part of it all.

I finally decided to try one more thing and that’s when the snaps fell into my life. I kept seeing them and bieng skeptical like most of you, but my gut wasn’t only telling me to try them but to jump all in and help so many with them too. So I did.

3 pant sizes down and the mommy tummy is almost gone. Feeling better then ever ❤️

3 pant sizes down and 25 pounds

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I’ve been asked to do the before and after with the same dress on sooooo I dug it out today and my mind is blown.

Before and after photos is a must friends. You will be amazed at the inches you will drop before a scale even will. My TOP TIP is stay away from the scale because this right here is all the proof you need!


Collagen for hair, nails, youthful skin & more!


Energy, mood boost, focus, mental clarity and more…

Are y’all ready for this?

I cannot even begin to tell you how life-changing this product has become in my household. I am a very busy woman with three jobs, three children, a pet mom and a wife. I remember not being able to focus or even know where to start and end in my days. I would get very overwhelmed and frustrated and then break down. Bran has not only giving me the energy to keep going all day long, it has also given me mental clarity, insane focus and the most amazing sense of a calm so I don’t lose my gasket. This is also been huge for my husband‘s stress and anxiety and he has been smiling and a happier guy ever since he started taking bran as well. I honestly wish I would’ve found this sooner. Cheers to a happy household and a happy life.

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