About Nikko

Nikko B!

What up y’all? My name is Nikko. I’m a Miami Native and a struggling creative that finds inspiration within others. I’ve always wanted a podcast to call my own, so here we are! Despite what many may say, we all love LOVE, we all experience it differently and can learn a little bit about it from each other. For me, this podcast is a lot more about sharing experiences than giving advice. There are too many men out there afraid to talk about their emotions or even feel them. At the end of the day, without love, we have nothing.

Even your favorite villain became the bad guy from a lack of love.

We want to create an ecosystem of love and positivity through something as simple as conversation. Come talk to us!


About Dani

It’s ya girl!

Hi there! I’m Dani and I’m an artist. Now to break that down: I model, I co-host this podcast, I create mixed media collage art pieces, I help people administratively and emotionally, and the list of titles go on.

I’m a Miami, Florida native and a first generation Cuban and Venezuelan American.

My professional career began at 17 where I worked as a clerk at Walgreens. From ages 17 to 23, my resume changed quite a bit! I was thrilled when I joined the Telemundo/NBC sports department, where I was the executive assistant to the EVP of sports. In 2018, my life shifted gears to pursue my love of fashion and the arts. I began modeling full-time and made it through to be a finalist in Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit search!

During Covid-19, I solidified my style as an artist and dove into the creation of mixed media statement pieces. Not too long after, my husband and I decided to create a podcast called Nikko & Dani Save the World where we get to listen to all types of people, in all stages of life, share their questions about the one things that makes the world go round. LOVE.