Nik'S Customs

We are a customizing business established on June 5th, 2020.

On this website you would find facts about our brand, how we started etc.

Our intent is to make YOU, as a customer or potential customer, our top priority when it comes to feeling as secured as possible when purchasing from an online business!

With that being said, welcome to Nik'S Customs!


When & Where!

Nik'S Customs is a Trinidad based business.

Establish Date: June 5th, 2020

Registered as a legal Business: January 5th 2022

Initially we started off Nik'S with customizable gift boxes, the idea was to stay within your budget yet have a somewhat luxurious look with a little of acrylic frames here and there being done.

As early as June 2021, we switched completely to customizing glass plaques, throwing out the Acrylic photo frames.

Late October-early November, we developed out latest package design. A satin sleeve, branded with golden, cursive writing "Nik'S Customs," and a gift box above the name. We wanted THE luxury look and that's what we got!

Our plans whereas our branding continues, are to match the sleeves with a theme for each occasion such as Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas, & etc.

    Our Best Pieces & Commentary

    Golden Mama

    This piece was done for a mom by her daughter. The details given were:
    • She loves gold
    • Not much of a sentimental woman
    • Very Classy & Elegant

    Putting the details to use, we've created a golden piece which was surprisingly gorgeous. Personally, I thought the gold would have clashed and looked plain but it came out top-tier and exquisite.


    Putting our couples in the spotlight...with the details in common:
    • "Freelance/Surprise me"
    • "Make it look nice"

    When it comes to our couples, we capture the absolute greatness of love within the relationship. Highlighting it the best we can using different designs for each plaque. We try to keep in mind no relationship is like the other thus, our pieces made for couples reflects such a minor detail everyone appreciates!


    Our glasses are 1/8mm thick for both sizes 8x10" & 12x10"

    This thickness allows our glass to withstand a fall and still be strong enough to endure 10 more.

    Therefore, when the items are being delivered perhaps the driver comes to an immediate stop and the item falls, it will still arrive to our customer in great shape!

    1. Review


      A glass plaque was purchased for Mother's Day 2021 & received a few days before.

      Early January 2022, a playstation was dropped onto the plaque by accident. The plaque cracked from the top to bottom but did not shatter entirely into pieces.

      As she proceeded to tell us about the incident she applauded us for our great quality and strong glass being able to withstand the hit of a per say 5lb playstation.

      Accidents occur but Nik'S Customs quality has attributes to insure for those clumsy little moments!


    We believe packaging must stand out yet, be delicate on the glass product itself.

    With this in mind we've developed a satin cloth packaging for THE luxurious look but one that also has benefits.

    You must be curious, Why satin?

    • It has the same shine as silk.
    • It's reasonable and doesn't go over our budget whereas our customers are concerned.
    • It's gentle on hands, glass and fashionable.

    When packaging our items we have a total of 4 logos placed, to brand our item. This has proven to be an efficient way of branding for us and we plan to continue this procedure in the future.

    Our purpose & Customer Pics

    Showing love for our items!

    Each plaque, portrait or keychain given as a gift has a story behind them, the pictures hold one of the most happiest/saddest moments. We get the pleasure of preserving them each day, that's why we do what we do!

    Customer PVC Photo Wall

    Savoring the best family moments!