Homemade cookies with loves 💞 Baking different types of dessert such as cakes, cookies & also choco jar. All dessert baked with premium ingredients that make our product tastes so delicious! 🥰😍

🚗 COD area Kuching & Kota Samarahan
✈ Postage West & East Malaysia

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Chocojar Small Version

Hey, are you chocojar lovers? Dont think too much, just grab this chocojar & you are already in love ❤🤤

Choose one:
🍫 Mix (Bubble Rice & Koko krunch)
🍫 Bubble Rice only
🍫 Koko krunch only

With cookies = RM15
Without cookies = RM13


Yes! Chocolate makes everything better! So, you can eat choco jar with / without cookies. You can choose your favourite 😉🍪

Choose your favourite!
1. Mix (Bubble Rice & Koko Krunch)
2. Bubble rice only
3. Koko krunch only

ChocoJar with Cookies = RM20
Choco Jar without Cookies = RM15

Chocolate Chip Cookies

This is our first product since 2018 😉 By using premium ingredient make our cookies taste so delicious!


🍪 RM15 per jar
🍪 RM10 per box

Dark Chocolate Cookies

Cookies that have a good, rich & full of dark chocolate. Not too sweet, not too bitter 😉 You cant resist the taste! So delicious! 🤤

🍪 RM15 per jar
🍪 RM10 per box

Butterscotch Chip Cookies

Haven't tasted Butterscotch flavour? I bet you will love it! The sweetness of cookies is from butterscotch chip and it taste sooo good! ❤

🍪 RM15 per jar
🍪 RM10 per box

Almond Brownies Cookies

The taste of brownies but in crunchy version ❤
By using 100% Beryl's Dark Chocolate, that make this cookies so delicious!

🍪 RM18 per jar
🍪 RM10 per box

Plain Brownies Cookies

Allergic with nuts? Don't worry. You can choose plain version. The taste still same & can make you addicted! 😉

🍪 RM18 per jar
🍪 RM10 per box

Chocolate Chip Brownies Cookies

Brownies cookies with chocolate chip on the top make we feel so high! Combination of bitter-sweet taste so goood! 🤤

🍪 RM 18 per jar
🍪 RM 10 per box

Oreo Brownies Cookies

Oreo lover? 😍 Combination of Oreo & Chocolate are soooo yummy! We can't resist 🤤

🍪 RM18 per jar
🍪 RM 10 per box

Brownies Cookies (LARGE SIZE)

Dont think twice, you can eat more in one time 😍😉

Choose Flavour
🍪 Plain Brownies Cookies
🍪 Almond Brownies Cookies
🍪 Oreo Brownies Cookies
🍪 Chocolate Chip Brownies Cookies

🍪 RM25 per jar

Creamy Burnt Cheese Cake

The only way cheese be a dessert is when its's followed by the word cake. Cheese Cake time! Cheese lover, show yourself! 🤤❤

Price :
Size 8 : RM60 (circle & square)
Size 10 : RM90 (circle & square)

+ Fruit : RM10
+ Chocolate : RM5
+ Nutella : RM8
+ Wording : RM5

Brownies Cake

You are Brownies Lover? Brownies can be used as birthday or anniversary gifts for your loved ones.

Order must be a week early ‼️

Loyang 12
• RM60 (Plain)
• RM65 (Deco/Topping)
• RM70 (Deco/Fruit)

Loyang 10
• RM50 ( Plain)
• RM55 (Deco/Topping)
• RM60 (Deco/Fruit)

Loyang 9
• RM40 (Plain)
• RM45 (Deco/Topping)
• RM50 (Deco/Fruit)

Loyang 8
• RM30 (Plain)
• RM35 (Deco/Topping)
• RM40 (Deco/Fruit)

Loyang Love
• RM40 (Plain)
• RM45 (Deco/Topping)
• RM50 (Deco/Fruit)

Brownies Tower
• RM70-RM100 (ikut design customer)

Customer's Feedback

NIM HOUSE has the best customers! Thank you sooo much for your support!

These are some feedbacks from my lovely customers. You can read our customer's feedback from our instagram page (Highlight) 💕

Miss Mong, Sandakan, Sabah

"Cookies sedap mcm biasa, nanti kalau habis repeat lagi", and Miss Mong is one of my regular customer. She had repeated more than three times!

Miss Damia, Kelantan

"Makan cookies sambil buat homework memang best!", she's one of my supporter & has repeated Brownies cookies for many times. 🥰

Miss Sofea, Kuching

"Tengah makan, takdapat tunggu balik rumah. Boyfriend saya suka juga", she said that her boyfriend take her cookies from her because the taste was so delicious!