I'm a mom in her 40s working to empower others

Hi there My Friend / New Friend,
My name is Stephanie aka Ninjamom40_209, here I will share my life story (in the shortest way possible) with you.
Twenty Four years ago I started my journey. At age 16 I had my first son. I was underestimated and told by many that I would never accomplish anything. I took those words and used it as fuel to light that fire within myself.
I made it a goal to graduate high-school and attend college. In 2002 I graduated college with an associates degree in drafting and design. Within 2 months of graduation I landed a career in Mechanical design.
I started at the bottom and if you want success you have to work for it; I hustled my way to senior Technician in 5 years and held that position for the next 10 years. Flip through time, at the age of 27 I purchased my first home and paid off my college debt. In 2017 I sold my first home and bought my second home. Along with the new home came a new career opportunity. I jumped to action and switched my paths from mechanical design to civil. It was the most scariest and exciting decision I ever made. By this time I had 3 kids, Two my own and one I raised since he was born. Ages ranging from 12 to 23.5 years old. I'm also a mom of dogs and chickens!
Aside from my career in civil engineering, I am a marketing partner for Monet Global. Specializing in hair and skin care. I chose to become a marketing partner, not only to invest in myself but motivate others to reach their goals! Whether it be through health, fitness, and beauty.
My hobbies are training in Krav maga and weight lifting. I have been training in self defense for 14 years and weight training for 6.
I share all this because Possibilities are endless. Only you can set the goals and only you can strive to reach them.