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A year and a half ago I was struggling to make it through the day, had a bad attitude, unhealthy relationship with food, my body, money and especially myself. I was constantly trying to look for a "good" paying job so that I could easily take care of my mother, my sister and myself. I wasn't doing much to take care of myself and only a small amount of Personal Development.

Until one day, I got a wake up sign from my body and I felt something telling it was time to make a change...

Since then, my life has taken a big turn for the better. I understand food and how to properly nourish myself & have a healthy relationship with my body, I've learned to let go of limiting beliefs, changed my financial situation and mindset & have a new found love for my life. I've always been someone who genuinely enjoys helping others & get to do that every day. I'm continuously building a community to support others to have their own breakthroughs in various areas of their lives.

Life hack learned: surround yourself with others who are bettering themselves 1% every day, on the same journey as you or have already achieved what you want to achieve.