Video Editor | Motion Graphics | YouTube Editing | Corporate Webinars

Hi! I’m Niranjan.

I’m a video editor with experience in editing YouTube and Instagram videos, webinars, music videos, and social media ads.

Editing can be overwhelming when you’re trying to start your own channel or put out regular content for your small business or grow your brand’s video presence on social media. Whatever the case, I’m there to help you out, and take away the hassle and stress from the video production process.

I edit on DaVinci Resolve Studio, I have the necessary subscriptions to source premium b-roll footage, images, music and sound effects, and in case you want something custom-made (like a logo or thumbnail), I’m experienced with Affinity Photo, Designer and Publisher. Whatever your needs when it comes to video production, I’ve got you covered!

Frequent and constant communication is vital to me and I’ll be constantly giving you updates on our collaboration via Telegram, email, Slack or any other preferred medium of your choice.

I share dailies, assemblies, rough-cuts, and drafts via Frame.io and Dropbox. Both of those services will let you add your feedback directly to the video at the exact time stamps where you want the changes made and will sync to my video editing software. So you can be assured that when you work with me, your feedback will never be missed.

Let’s make a video today!