About Me

NiSoulfully Yours

Hello! Since age 12 (before the age of social media as it is today), I have been in love with the online world. From message board threads, to creating websites from scratch, I knew my talents and interests lie in the digital.

However, my life isn’t lived online. I am active in my Catholic young adult group, spending time with Jesus, my family, and most of all my fiancée, Nick. We jokingly call ourselves “n2.”

I am crafty, creative, and most of all, live for all that is TRUE, BEAUTIFUL, and GOOD (the Transcendentals).

I have degrees in Catechetics & Evangelization, Anthropology, and Human Services. Basically- I like people and sharing God’s love with all people!

On the fun side, I love beauty, fashion, and all things feminine! I seek to share these feminizing experiences in a modest, Godly, and fun way!

Chloe the Sato

Just a cute pup in her new home!

Meet Chloe the Sato mix from Puerto Rico! We adopted her on Sunday and she is adjusting to her new home! More updates to come!

Chloe Adopted From Animal Lighthouse Rescue

Style on a Budget

Soulful, stylish living does not have to come at a price!

Some items I love that didn’t break the bank!

Fall Decor

Our Credo Harvest Dance was a hit! With nearly 70 attendees, we wanted to welcome everyone with style and grace! Gourds and pumpkins generously purchased at Walmart, and Amazon add ons for the win! The Dollar Tree also provided us with cute pumpkin shaped Chalkboards that say “thankful.” Just be sure to use a chalk MARKER or white marker, as these boards are simply colored black paper! Additional decor came from Michael’s and Party City!