Hi, I'm glad that you're here!

Hi, my name is Nissan, but you can call me Niss. I'm from the Philippines, and I'd love to take a couple of minutes to tell you why hiring me as a virtual assistant will benefit your organization.

I have worked as a technical support representative for the last 5 years. My last job was for Teleperformance Philippines as a level 2 technical support representative. I was responsible for taking inbound and outbound calls and answering chats and emails for our US clients. My supervisor and co-workers say that I am a person who has high commitment and passion for anything that I do. I excel at customer service, data entry, social media management, shopify product list creation, theme creation, etc.

I'm looking forward to discussing how I can add value to your company and meeting you in person. Thank you for taking your time to read my portfolio.


Below is the list of services I can offer:

1. Logo and Branding

- I will create your remarkable logo and branding that can help you to easily attract your target market by having a consistent branding and can leads also to customer loyalty.

2. Content Scheduling and Posting

- I will help you manage, schedule and post your content in Instagram and Facebook page.

3. Social Media Templates and Graphics

- I will create your social media templates and graphics that suits your needs.

4. Instagram Growth

- I will help you grow your followers and turn into customers organically.

5. Social Media Engagement and/or Community Engagement

- I will be your true partner in handling your Facebook page and engage to your potential customers.

6. Email management (Virtual Assistant Service)

- I will help you manage your emails.
- Create a folder for invoices and receipts.
- Create a folder for important matters or business related.
- Delete spamming emails.
- Create a calendar for special occations like birthdays, anniversaries, events, etc.

7. Shopify product listing and theme editor

I can help you create/edit your shopify theme and put your product lists in your shopify store online.

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Samples of Work


Branding is the process of integrating elements such as a logo, design, mission statement and a common theme in all marketing communications to create a clear, positive image of a company, its goods, or services in the minds of customers. It can help you to easily attract your target market by having a consistent branding and can leads also to customer loyalty.

Samples of work


Client testismonial

Here's what my clients say about me:

"Nissan is small, cute and an eye baller. This is what you'll see physically. But what you don't know is an Phoenix rising from the ashes. Her story and commitment has made most of us moved in each steps. Her dedication to anything is something that's worth replicating.
- She used to be a student and at the same time an agent couple of years ago., dealing 2 worlds at the same time is not easy, but for her - nothing is impossible for someone who has a dream. For someone who has great ambitions and objectives in life.
- Nissan manages to maintain her student / employee life as she knows the certain drills to take things in tailed with her interests.
- For someone who doesn't knew Nissan, she symbolizes a person who has high commitment and passion into anything that she does. She has huge commitment to learn, improve and be the best. Passion where everyone will see through her actions.
- Not to mention that after all, she's one of the most friendly and open minded person that I know. She's small but incredibly talented and awesome.
- After all, Nissan is an inspiration of a balanced woman. Who managed to deliver in her work objectives, managed to achieved her college degree goal, and is happily engaged with a special someone who is also highly committed of making her happy and appreciated.
- She's totally remarkable for me, not only as an employee and a friend but also as a family."

Jim Laguiab

Director of VXI Philippines
(email add: Jimbo.Laguiab@vxi.com)

Let's work together!

You can message me or hop with a call in whatsapp # +63 927 308 0882