Hi friends👋 I'm so glad you're here.

I hope you find this is a place where you feel seen, heard & maybe even a bit inspired.
40 years of life & I can say honestly that these last couple years have been the most challenging. Funny thing is that while during the most challenging times I've happened to learn how to step into my most authentic self. As I learn new tools to uncover my truth I slowly release all the things that have held me down & live out my truth.

A little bit about me....
My husband & I have been married for 19 years, been together since 1999. Wow just typing that feels like ages ago. We have 3 kids together, 2 boys & 1 girl. All of our kids have graduated from high school & are becoming amazing young adults. I have been a dental assistant for just over 20+yrs & have always had an entrepreneur side to me. I have partnered with beauty brand company which has given me opportunity to promote products & build a business all while working a "9-5." Ive learned that having several streams of income can be fun if you control it & not let run your life. My passion is helping people feel seen & heard without the fear of judgment. If you know anything about a eneagram 9, which is labeled "the peacemaker" you know conflict is not my favorite, I need stability, I'm low key & I absolutely hate when people speak over me. One thing that I can take pride in is that I've learned to pivot as life requires me to. As much as I may like stability I can adjust to change. Without change their would be no growth & without growth their would be no appreciation or grattitude for life.

This platform is so I can give my creative side an outlet, sharing anti-aging skincare, haircare & wellness that is cruelty free & vegan. I maybe 40 but I'm not dead (haha) & love having fun with trendy styles that show my comfy mom life, boho side or you might even catch me in scrubs. Definitely that girl that listens to 90's rap music on blast while getting ready on my days off or while doing the laundry but on the flip side you probably will catch me listening to country music on my drives to work.

There are a lot things I'm excited to share & hopefully you find value or something that makes you say "girl , I can so relate."

Thanks for stumbling across my page, have fun shuffling thru the pages of my life.



Let's talk self care

You can't show up for others if you can't take care of yourself

Everyday I am called to take care of others. If you are anything like me you find yourself tending to others before you even have time to ask yourself if you have the energy to do so.

Being in the dental field means you are helping others. While I enjoy what I do, most don't realize that it can take an emotional & physical toll on you. You adapt for each person that comes into your chair or who you work along side with, you feed off their energy & sometimes you let others borrow yours. Aside from being in the dental field I am also an entrepreneur & run my social media & beauty business from my wifi. That means finding time to create & continuing to serve. I help others address concerns in the can be solved within their daily routines.

I'm a wife & mom. If you are one or both you know all too well when you love on your people you can get lost in tending to them first thinking if they are taken care of then I could steal a little time for myself. However I think most of us have it backwards. When they see you taking the time for yourself , prioritizing your self care they in turn learn from you & may even learn how to handle things on their own without having to rely on you for everything little thing. Believe it or not it can empower them.

Things I do as forms of self care at home:

• Give myself a facial at home. I pull out my steamer & maybe a couple other facial devices & do all the skincare steps

•Read, honestly this is fairly new for me. So if you have never been a reader try picking a book up. Find something that you want to grow in & start from there.

•Watch something or even binge a series you've dying to watch. My kids are older so that's easier for me to do.

•Listen to a podcast

•Take my time in the shower doing all the extra hair care steps. Oil treatment, scalp scrub, shampoo, hair masque, conditioner. Try it!

• Call & catch up with a friend

• Create ! My outlet is social media so I can build my presence & create at the same time.

•Take a nap. Girl put the chore list down, guaranteed every will still get on with their day even if that list is not complete

Self Care outside my home:

•Manicure or pedicure

•Facials. Yes, I can get the job done at home but having someone else pamper you is just heaven!

•Massages! This is a must, if you have never had one you are truly missing out.

• Girl time. Text your girls, put it in the calendar. If it not in the calendar it's not happening.

•Treat yo self! Shop , need I say more...

I get it, it's hard to find the time. The kids are small, marriages can be hard to juggle, activities consume the day. I've been there so even if your self care is hiding in the bathroom stuffing your face with the candy that you don't want to share, I commend you. We all gotta start somewhere, you got to celebrate the small wins!