Nitip (from) Vancouver


I'm Jess, the girl who will bring your 'titipan' from Vancouver! Thank you for your interest in shopping through me. Order time slot is open now until Sep 13, 2020 (or when the slot is full), and your orders will arrive in Jakarta on Sep 28, 2020.

Feel free to browse the catalogue below to see the available items you can shop. If your desired item(s) is not in the catalogue, let me know and I can work something out. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask me too.

Looking forward to chat with you,


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When will you arrive in Indonesia and when will you start shipping our orders?
A: I'll arrive in Jakarta on September 28, 2020 and will begin shipment from that day on a rolling basis.

Q: How are you delivering our orders?
A: I'll use JNE courrier service. All shipment will be from Jakarta. If you wish to use another shipping method, please let me know.

Q: Where are you purchasing our orders?
A: All of the orders will be purchased from the official store or Canadian official online store.

Q: What if my wishhlist item isn't in this catalogue?
A: your wish is my command! Message me on Line or DM your requests, and I can do my best to fulfill it😁

Q: What do you do to prevent the infection of Covid-19?
A: Good question! I will try my best to clean and sanitize all items. Once they're purchased / delivered, all items will be sanitized with disinfectant. They will be sanitized before packed into the luggage and sent out to you.