Money working for YOU

Nick Kilmartin-Smith CASHFX

Recently I came across a way to make my money work for ME, and what’s so good about it is anyone can do this. I put in a $300USD investment into cashfx and received a payment that week of purchase, which will continue to roll in for the rest of my life, making YOUR money work for YOU!

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What is CashFX?

Photo above shows our earnings back between the months of Jan-March 2021 depending on what pack you purchase!

Cashfx is a company who works through cryptocurrencies. It is designed to make your money work for you at a way faster rate than any bank ever could. Putting away $10,000 for example to make 2% interest each month through a bank just doesn’t cut it, on a low week, yes WEEK in cashfx we get a 6% return rate, that’s 24% a month!! So if you were to buy a 300USD pack within a month you’d make 24% of that back! That’s crazy! Remember the crypto market is always fluctuating 24% is based on a low month of trading.

NOW, the best part about all this is that you do NOTHING, absolutely nothing. Once your pack is brought and processed through the Cashfx website we have professional traders who trade our money for us! We get to sit back relax and watch the cash flow come in! Every Sunday we get paid but this is only just the beginning!! There is so so much potential here for anyone!

I myself have started on a 300usd pack and within 4-5 years of doing NOTHING, I’ll be upto the 100k pack, or packs! 5-6 figure pays each month doesn’t sound to bad to me.

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How to set up CashFX


1. Download the app Binance.



Set up your account and complete ID verification.


Go through this CFX link and register your account. Then select the pack you wish to purchase.

CashFX Signup


Once done a screen like this will come up.


Go into Binance, on the bottom right part of the screen select wallet, then change from overview to spot


Scroll down to BTC and select, then press withdraw.


Go back to your cfx and copy the address then paste it into the address bar on Binance, then back in cfx copy the amount of BTC to send then paste it in your Binance.


Once done you will have a fee at the bottom left of your Binance screen, make sure to add that on top of the required transfer amount.


Once added, press withdraw, go back to your CFX page and wait for the big purple tick, this can take a while so be patient.


All signed up! Now just download the app Blockchain, set up an account to have ready for your withdrawals when the time comes! You will find a withdrawal part within your CFX.

Then your all signed up to being paid commissions from trading pools every week! There are other ways of making commissions from CFX which isn’t a must but does speed up the process, if you’re interested in this once signed up message me directly to my Facebook or Instagram which are linked down below.