Natalie J Tatum

Currently working as a post-doctoral research associate at the Cancer Research Horizons unit at Newcastle University, I am a structural biologist with a specialism in computational methods.

Though protein production/purification, assay development and crystallography are my bread and butter, I have particular skill and expertise in supporting drug discovery through docking, virtual screening and molecular dynamics. This has allowed me to contribute to a range of studies looking at protein structure and binding characteristics, and discover active boosters for antibiotics in tuberculosis.

Since embarking on my PhD, I've worked on a variety of targets but have a special interest in transcription factors and nucleic acid binding proteins in disease settings.

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Here are some selected publications and news items relating my work.

Invited Speaker: CCDC Discovery Meeting

On Wednesday 9th June 2021, I'll be speaking at the CCDC's Discovery Meeting, presenting CRUK Newcastle DDU's work toward integrating experimental and computational methods for protein druggability determination and drug discovery.

ELRIG Drug Discovery 2020 Presenter

In the CRUK "Novel approaches in oncology drug discovery" track on 15th Oct 2020, I'll be presenting some of Newcastle's work on our FragLite platform for X-ray crystallographic fragment screening.

CoSeC Impact Awardee 2020

As the recipient of this inaugural award, my application highlighted my ongoing work on tuberculosis protein EthR and the role of the CoSeC network in my training and research.

Quick CV

structural biology | computer-aided drug discovery

My Current Role

Structural biology project lead for multiple active projects with responsibility for experimental design, resourcing, assay developement and crystallography, liaising with medchem, collaborators, stakeholders and CROs. Also involved in new target identification and assessment, and the supervision of undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Employment & Education

+ 2015 - Current | PDRA, Newcastle University
+ 2015 | EMBO Short Term Fellowship, Uppsala University
+ 2011 - 2015 | PhD, Durham University
+ 2010 - 2011 | MRes, Durham University
+ 2007 - 2010 | BSc Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, Durham University

Key Lab Skills

+ Protein expression and purification in both insect and bacterial systems including isotopic labelling
+ Small molecule and protein crystallisation and crystallography
+ Assay design and development including but not limited to SPR, fluorescence polarisation, ADP-Glo(TM) and homogenous time-resolved fluorescence (HTRF) assays for protein-ligand, protein-protein and protein-DNA systems

Key Computational Skills

+ Docking and virtual screening including covalent inhibitors, protein-protein and protein-DNA docking
+ Molecular dynamics simulations on protein and protein complexes in GROMACS, with downstream analysis and energy calculations e.g. MM/PBSA, LIE
+ Variety of software platform experience including KNIME, VMD, CCP4I2, MOE, GOLD (+CSD), UCSF Chimera
+ Python (Basic level)


+ Lecture on computational methods in drug discovery
+ Designed and annually deliver workshop on computational docking for third year biomed students
+ Seminar leader for first year biomed students in protein and DNA production, structure and function
+ Experienced lab demonstrator, in setting and marking essays and lab reports

Engagement Roles

+ Deputy Chair (2019-2021) on Young Crystallographers' committee of British Crystallographic Association; previously held Biological Structures Rep position (2017-2019)
+ Newcastle Rainbow (LGBTQ+) Network Steering Group (2017-2019)
+ Newcastle Faculty of Medical Sciences PDRA Committee
+ PDRA rep to NICR Equality and Diversity Committee (2018-2019)
+ Newcastle rep to the CanSAR User Group
+ Pint of Science Newcastle organising team 2016 & 2017
+ Accredited STEM Ambassador 2012-2015