About Nkgono Nteba The Spiritualist

Spiritual Preview. Spiritual Alignment. Spiritual Mentorship and Dreams Interpretations.

Nkgono Nteba is a Spiritually Gifted daughter of zion ISAIAH 52.

Discovered her higher intuition from a very young age. Nkgono Nteba has undergone professional and high expertise in Spirituality and psychological therapy through own personal experience.

Through out the beginning of her Spiritual path in 2007 when her Ancestral and Spiritual gift were being exposed/known of, Nkgono Nteba has been able to professionally attain Spiritual guidance to a lot of people, young and old.

Nkgono Nteba is born and anointed with self knowledge that has contributed a lot in her Spirituality and continues to play a big part in stretching an arm of help to those seeking help.

Not a Traditional Healer, Herbalist nor Makhosi. Nkgono Nteba is a Spiritually Inclined Prayer Warrior with gifts of Isithunya, Ndzau and Ubungoma.

Nkgono Nteba aspires to hold, to elevate and to build a better version of previous negative aspects and negative views of Spirituality. Nkgono Nteba is resilient in restoring and bringing back those standing in crossroads of life back to their roots and leading them HOPEFULLY towards the right direction.

Ndlondlo. Mavula bavalile. Wena olahl'uvalo uconde phambili. Vela Bahleke. Ntandokazi yamanzi. Wena ombethe amandla nolwazi. Ndauwe. Salukazi esihle. Nkgono ke Ntebelleng.🕯🙏

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