Mother to Mother what do you do ?

Motherhood & Beauty

Hi! I’m glad you clicked this link , let me tell you a little bit about myself ..

I’m Nahomy 22 & I’m a brand new mom of a five month old so not too new I was studying Cosmetology two years ago but life just got in the way and I took it as an excuse to quit and never finish. Now I see that’s not really for me, but I’ll spread little I know to moms that are just looking for some advice or opinion.

I’m here to ask/ give a bit of initiative to the “new mom” title as many of us young moms may need some help from those who would know some things best. But there’s nothing quite as exhausting, or terrifying, as brand-new motherhood. Are they getting enough food , are you eating what you’re supposed to ? Will the circles under your eyes ever go away? How do you become the greatest mom in the world for your child without loosing a piece of yourself when giving part of it to you’re precious little one . You must always remember that no matter how much you have on your plate and how much you HAVE “to do” you must always make time for yourself and your well being .