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Hello everyone!

Just a little about me & why I chose Monat.

My name is Leilani, born & raised on Oahu.
I currently work as a certified nursing assistant for the VA. It’s definitely hard work but a blessing.

This year (2020) I decided to help my bestfriend out and join Monat. I was skeptical at first but once I started using the products I haven’t gone back to using regular shampoo or conditioner.
I unfortunately have eczema on my scalp which of course causes my scalp to be itchy. Regular products would just make me more itchy which would cause me to use my topical medication more than I wanted to.
After using Monat (which is all natural ingredients) I noticed a difference. I wouldn’t need to wash my hair as much, my scalp didn’t get so itchy and my hair didn’t get so oily like before.
It’s not going to cure my eczema, but it has definitely helped me to feel better about it.
Not to mention there are so many different products to chose from & they last a long time too! From hair products, to skin products, products for baby, for your man (yes we have men products too) & even products for your fur baby.

If you have any questions & see what we have to offer, DM me! I’ll be more than happy to help 😊

So what’s your “why”?

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