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Noah’s Bark

My name is Tabitha I am the owner and pet stylist of Noah’s bark. I started out my journey as a cosmetology student for humans. Though I love people I have always had a passion for animals. 15 years ago I decided to get trained at pet grooming academy and I became certified as a pet stylist. I have groomed in corporate and private locations.

Noah’s Bark got its name from a biblical background. My husband and I are in Ministry Together. He is a pastor with the United Methodist Church and our salon is actually attached to the Parsonage we live in.

Book your appointment with us,we will give you and your pet a professional loving experience. We can’t wait to make you a part of the family!

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Our grooming services

We can’t wait to meet you and your furry family member

At Noah’s Bark the whole health of your pet is taken into consideration. From toes to nose!

Nail trims

Proper nail care on a dog is very important. When the nails on your dog get to long it can effect their gate their comfort and in extreme cases than can pose concern for infection.

Pamper your pooch with a scheduled pedicure today with our canine nail tech. 🐾

Shampoo & conditioning treatment

Thorough shampooing is very important for your pets skin health. A massaging deep cleans always follows a good first brushing to loosen up dirt, dead skin cells and excess fur.

Just as if not more important is a deep conditioning treatment. Shampooing alone can strip some of the natural oils out of your dogs coat. Our conditioning treatment replaces that moisture, softness and vitality to the hair coat. The extra bonus is that conditioning aids in loosing up of that dead coat.


We highly recommend against shaving double coated dogs. We do however recommend our desheding services. It’s amazing how much it helps cut down on the amount of hair the dogs drop.

We start by velocity drying the coat to get rid of any excess hair dirt and dander gets loosened up. Then we use our furminator brush, slicker and greyhound comb to really work the oils to the surface. After our shampooing we use a conditioning treatment and velocity dry and brush your dog out a second time. This second brushing pulls out a uprising amount of hair that gets loosened up after the bath.

Now your pup is ready for a trim or perhaps topped off with a special bow or bandana.

Trim up all over

The trim up is a hand scissored trim around the outline of the dog.

Backs of legs, skirt, chest, around the ears, the paws and pad trimming. A sanitary trim is also included in this service along with a bath brush out , ears and nails, cologne and a bandana.

Shave down

This can mean many things in grooming.
Sometimes we use large clipper combs and keep the coat a few inches long. Other times we take the coat very short all over.

There are different reasons for shaving. Some pet parents choose to do this for the comfort of the animal. Perhaps the dog is to matted and tangled and needs to be clipped. Other times it’s just a personal preference.

Whatever the reason may be we are hear to do what’s best for the dog physically from a health stand point and also by trying to honor what our human clients want to see accomplished during their grooming appointment. The grooming assessment at check in will give us time to have a one on one with you and your pet to determine the best route for both of you.