Iᒪᘜᗯᗩᒪ ᘜᗴOᒪᗩᗴ (Package Deal)

PHP 299

Ilgwal Geolae is consist of three (3) products; seamless nipple cover, nippie tapes, and sticky strips.

One (1) pair of Seamless Nipple Cover (shade of your choice)
Three (3) pairs of Nippie Tapes
Four (4) strips of Sticky Strips

A package for you ‘cos you’ll never know when you’ll need ‘em!

Seamless Nipple Cover

PHP 199

No Bra Day.’s seamless nipple cover is perfect for different queen’s skin complexion. It comes with three (3) different shades; Tan, Camel, and Chamoisse.

Its size is 8cm which is a perfect fit for all sizes of nipples.

You can wear them under your bikinis ‘cos it’s waterproof and reusable. Better safe than sorry, queens! 👑

Booby Tape

PHP 269

Need a push? You gotta pull!

Slay in every outfit you have with our multi-purpose Booby Tape!

Worry no more ‘cos this tape got you! It’s hypoallergenic, waterproof/sweat-proof, stretchable, and lightweight. This must-have tape sticks to your skin until you remove them!

Easy to wear so style ‘em however you want! And no, you don’t have to worry ‘cos it 5m LONG!

Nippie Tape

PHP 69 (three (3) pairs)

One-time-use? Here you go!

Our nippie tapes are disposable, but are also waterproof! You read that right, queen! It indeed is waterproof and sweat-proof just like our seamless nipple cover!

Its size is 6cm, a little smaller than the reusable one, but is an exact size for your nippies.

Beach? Pool? Everyday use? Not a problem at all.

Sticky Strips

PHP 39 (four (4) pieces)

Loose clothes? We got your back, queen! 👑

Sticky strips is here to help you have a laid-back day while slaying your favorite outfits!

It is not an ordinary double sided tape; this is made specifically for one’s skin.