About me

About me

My name is Noémie, I am 27 years old and I am half-Japanese, half French.

It has been 1 year since I decided to start my adventure in the world of entrepreneurship, a project I adore really much and which is in collaboration with the best of anti-aging technology and of wellness on the market, as well as supporting people who want to success !


After having tried several professional experiments (supermarket, escape game, touristic guide, travel agency), I realized that none of those fit with what I wanted to do.
I needed a little time to realize it, but I got a wake-up in 2020, at the moment I was back from work at midnight with the last train, after eternal extra hours. I thought, “Never I’ll work like that again!”

So I decided in 2021 to start in a very new activity, which let me having freedom, independence and above all, pride! ☺️

And today, I learned not only knowledge about skin and wellness, but this project teached me a lot of new values as :

🔅 Ambition
🔅 Mutual help
🔅 Passion
🔅 Motivation
🔅 Listening
🔅 Initiative
🔅 The joy of working !

About you

Discover the best you!

And you, what are you looking for ?

🔅 A wish of change?

🔅 You wanna start in freelance but you don’t know how ?

🔅 You wanna work on your own speed, your own hours and most of all, freely?

🔅 You need some challenges?

🔅 You have dreams, but your actual situation doesn’t let them to come true?

So maybe this amazing project could interest you! 😉

To know better about you…

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