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I’m still sick. Physically, mentally, and emotionally. Ahhhh but who isn’t 🤷🏼‍♀️🙈🤗💛

Here’s what’s new:

I am available to any consumer or clients for hair support such as consultations and hair care recommendations, you can reach me via text at 206-488-3878 please allow 24 hours for response, for more information swipe to Hair Support page. 💛

I no longer use Instagram for communication so please keep in mind DM’s are rarely responded to and if they are not related to hair they most likely will not get a response.

I’m currently unavailable for stylist support or coaching as this is too emotionally taxing for me at this time.


Virtual consultations/ “hair support” chats are by donation- because everyone’s needs are different it’s hard to set a price so just donate through Venmo whatever it was worth, if you are going through a rough time financially that’s ok no need to Venmo anything, I’d still love to help. I especially want to help if this is your situation! So please don’t feel bad reaching out.
View Hair Support Page for contact details & more information!


Let’s chat about your hair!

I created Virtual Hair Support because many have reached out during the past few months needing more than just a product recommendation. Needs vary so much, so I wanted to provide a more customized and personal experience. Personally, I have not been able to work behind the chair since March 2nd 2020. I have spent a significant amount of time on DM's answering consumer and stylist questions for years and now I would like to do it in a more thoughtful and organized way. These appointments are by donation through Venmo. Everyone’s needs are so different so just pay what you think it’s worth or what you can afford.
To get an appointment just text me 206-488-3878 and allow 24 hours for response.

Many are without a stylist, or are looking for one. Some wonder how to find a safe hair stylist or clean air salon. I can help you with "intermediate support" while you find your ideal hair situation. Or just be a support for you if you have chosen to give up the salon experience.

Every salon needs a ventilation system. And it actually is a requirement.
There seems to be a lot of excuses in the industry as to why we don't view ventilation as our priority, if we even know about it at all.
Honestly I'm pretty distressed about this. The majority of the industry would rather pour their money into esthetic tools and products over a tool that will literally save their life and extend their careers (oh and make them more money).

Does everyone know what is required of them by law when they decide to open up their own salon? 😂 Certainly not, myself included.

When I opened The Parlor, formerly Pomp & Ardor, I had no idea about the laws around safe air quality. Only when I switched my color line to "low tox" and looked at the MSDS did I see that I was responsible for looking up my local code and regulations. Then I wondered how the heck was I not taught this in school? Why wasn't this apart of my build your business final project, why wasn't ventilation discussed at all?! So then I started looking for options to test my air, and how to mitigate unsafe air.

And then I found AEROVEX, a company that broke it all down for me. And I was in shock.
And man it was going to be expensive. Like the same amount it took to plumb a sink in the salon. About 3 days of long work for me... and my wage was already going to overhead.

Then I was forced with an ethical conundrum. If I now knew how unsafe these products where to use in an unventilated environment and couldn't keep them under control, would I continue to work unsafely until I could afford the unit?

For me the choice was get clean air certified or shut down.

We're still open only because of this certification. I would not operate a salon without one especially in a COVID-19 world. I am beyond thankful that we have it.
Seattle had some of the world's worst air quality because of the fires, but our salon was a haven.

My advice, if you can't afford a unit don't open until you can. Prioritize ventilation over products.
Wait to buy into a product line when you first open your salon, yes clients need haircare and you can make money off retail (ahem* Use your affiliate links) but clients and you need your health over products. That is clearly the winning investment. Buy a ventilation unit if you can't afford both.
One that meets and exceeds OSHA standards that is proven to capture harmful salon VOC's and capture and kill airborne viruses. Yep, you can reduce your exposure to viruses too!

What's clean air “certified”.
AEROVEX is the one that distributes clean air certification. And they only certify those who are practicing the most effective safety measures, not those just looking to avoid fines.

The term "Clean Air" is misunderstood and seems to have a variety of definitions for the industry. Here's what Clean Air means to industry safe air experts.

Clean Air means that a ventilation system is not only capturing harmful things in the air, but also is cleaning the air.

Some think having plants in the salon space is sufficient to clean the air, however national geographic came out with an article last year debunking this 😞.
Some deem themselves clean air once they have made the switch to a "low tox" chemical color line, however these low tox lines still require specific ventilation requirements. So it's simply not enough to just switch your product lines. You need proper protective equipment.

What's the difference between commercial medical grade ventilation units verses home units like molekules and dysons?
Science. Those companies have put their money into esthetically pleasing units because they are pretty and pretty things sell. Home air purifiers are not sufficient for a salon environment. They simply do not have enough power to suck and push the air through the system at the rate it needs to be to sustain clean air.

Ventilation resources in my bio under links.


We need to talk.

This is a four part series that I am releasing in full here in this article for easy consumption.

What exactly constitutes bullying? It is not quite the same as harassment or assault. Bullying tends to involve many small incidents that accumulate over time rather than a single incident.
Perhaps no single definition covers all aspects of bullying, but it has been called “a wilful, conscious desire to hurt another person and put them under stress.” The stress is created not only by what actually happens but also by fear of what might happen. Tactics and common elements of this behavior, may include harsh teasing, criticisms, insults, gossip, and making unreasonable demands of a human being. Cyber/ social bully culture is abundant and growing these days and because it's easy to disguise it as something different many don't do anything. There is less accountability behind the screen so people will say things they wouldn't have the courage to say to your face.
We need to be able to recognize these behaviors so we don't contribute to them, we need to listen to our guts when something's not right, and act.

This series is hard for me to create so as I say the things I'm about to say please understand It's coming from a person who has been bullied and been a bully. I constantly have to keep my internal thread of justice in check.
I am not faultless in this area, being a child born in hyper vigilance, with little control over my own personal circumstances in life I would try to control situations I observed where I thought justice needed to be rendered. It turned me into a reactive bully. I beat up other kids that were not treating others right and I thought I was doing good, it broke my heart when I was named a school bully after a survey was taken of my grade 5 class, I realized then what I was doing actually made things worse.

One thing I didn't process at that age fully was that truly happy and loved humans with support and direction don't treat others badly. Those kids I hurt physically and emotionally were most likely being hurt also at home.

Adults that bully in my personal opinion are not getting their needs filled for human affection and love, and over time they may have been conditioned by their own actions or circumstances to take from others what they perceive they are more deserving of or have the right to.

We are in an industry steeped in bully culture and competition. And most of us seem to be ok with it and even participate in it in some way. How?

How Does Bullying In The Beauty Industry Manifest Itself?

Bully behaviors could come from instructors, mentors, management, work mates, and social media. It happens everyday. We are an industry founded on making stylists better by pointing out how not good enough they are. We structure our salons and cosmetology schools in a way that drives constant comparisons and evaluations that equate human value to labor and profit. That behavior is not something to be proud of, it's something we should be ashamed of and want to stop contributing to. Being told your nothing without a person, tool or product is not beneficial for anyone's mental health.

I don’t think people are talking about this in the industry as much as they need to and they certainly are not naming names or companies.
I don’t believe people really should call out someone on social media for their bullying practices because we may not have all the facts. Addressing your concerns in private can create an opportunity for an honest open conversation that is more likely to touch the heart. When you exchange bully behaviors with retaliation no one benefits. Save yourself an unwanted stressful public back and forth if you do not have all the facts.

If you perceive bullying on someone else's social media there is nothing wrong with messaging them saying something like "hey, I don't think you meant it this way but it's coming off like this, did you mean to do that?"

What if tho you are finding you’ve had that conversation and have confronted a bully or have advocated on behalf of someone else and the situation has just gotten worse what is the best thing you can do?

Remove yourself from the situation, tell someone one who will support you, avoid the behavior and do not retaliate yourself.

The best way you can avoid the pain that bullies cause is to not give them your time, energy or attention. A bully will try to devalue your human worth and may make comments to make you feel less, they themselves see your value and it's a threat to them! So you're doing something amazing, keep going! Live well and do your own thing! You are no ones competition!

Your good conduct will turn out well for your reputation as people observe how you live your life. Just treat people how you should and want to be treated, this teaches people how to treat you.

Are You Enabling Social Media Bullies?

You may not directly support a bully, but are you supporting them behind your screen?
What is silent support? You may tip your hat to them by looking at, reposting, and liking their content which is enabling their behaviors to reach a greater audience to bully through social media.

Why do we support bullies in the industry?

Plain and simple what I’ve observed is that we somehow think the bully serves us a greater purpose, especially if they have an enormous following, the relationship although it may evoke strong emotional turmoil may give us some future advantage in our careers.

Is it worth it?

Your success and value in this industry can never be measured by someone else, it’s measured by your own values, moral and ethics.
We do not need to align ourselves with those with similar messages because their following will boost own own. It is dangerous, especially if others view you as the same and you do not share the same understanding and perspectives. You will only end up loosing yourself in murky waters, serving someone else's purposes, feeling like you are never good enough and you can't be successful.
If you are feeling this way, look at what is influencing your thoughts and feelings and create new habits.

We need to start asking ourselves: Are we breeding bully mentality in the industry by our use of social media?
Is our success really dependent on anyone else but ourselves?

What if you are aware of a bully in the industry?
Well, it's your personal decision what to do.
I've made the decision to not give my time energy or support to those in the industry who I can clearly see are mistreating their staff or others- regardless of how they portray themselves on social media. How does this effect me personally? It means sacrificing the advantage of piggy backing off a social following, which also means sacrificing income.

Morals and ethics have a short term disadvantage but long term pay off. The short term disadvantage always feels like there will be a terrible consequence by not bowing to social pressure, but it's just simply not true.
That is imperfect human thinking. You will always be rewarded for your good behavior and treatment of humans, maybe not immediately but as time passes and things come to light you will feel so relieved you didn't compromise.

What Can Consumers Do?

Certainly consumers don’t know that there is this level of long held bullying and oppression practices and behaviors within the beauty industry, especially between co workers and salon management. I think if they were aware of it they would be able to spot unsafe working environments and show their concern for what they have observed while being serviced in the salon environment.

The simple fact is we service people that do not support or buy products from companies that have unsafe and unfair working environments, sadly many of them do not know they are being serviced in an environment that mirrors the one they would not ethically align with.


Monthly Membership Subscription | Get support and community!

More than ever we need all the love and support we can get.

Let’s face it, the hair industry is hard to navigate, and it can be crushing at times. Having weekly meetings can help validate what you are going through in a broken industry.
You may find yourself without anyone in the salon to relate to. You go home exhausted, sick and empty and the person at home doesn’t know exactly what you are going through...
You need more. You need empathetic support.

I started this weekly video session to train and support my community at the parlor. Progressive, helpful conversations are going on and I know more would benefit from this type of community. This is a safe space to share our experiences, debrief and explore a new approach to hairdressing as safety as our foundation.

Join the weekly SHS conversation via video conference Monday’s 8am PCT.

This membership includes access to our weekly meeting min 4x a month + one monthly 1:1 session with a SHS coach.

We’ll send you a link to book your first one on one safe hair stylist session, an intake assessment form will be sent for you to fill out so we can get to know you and your immediate needs.

Having the one on one session before the group session eases nerves and helps you feel supported from the very first group chat.


Learn a completely new way of working in the salon.

Partial payment plan available to those in need.

Really can’t afford it because you are suffering chronically with your health or are battling cancer while still working behind the chair?
Please reach out we donate our safety education to stylists that are currently in this situation.
Those that can afford to pay full price help equalize the cost for those in dire need, those who needed this education years ago...


Need some help?

Don’t know where to start with your transition to safer hair services?

Are you eager to learn a new sustainable way of hairdressing that will protect not only your physical health, but will also support your mental health?

Many have reached out in need of a few answers to their questions and because of this immediate need I have reopened my consulting calendar. This will help fund the final part of bringing our safety education to market.

Book a support mastermind session below.

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