Me, Myself & I

Welcome to my world

Hey guys!
I’m Aofie , it’s pronounced Ee-fa.
This is my blog about my #Secondlife.
I was born 24 years ago into the Rose family and now I’m here starting a family of my own soon with my other half Zakai-King Cairo.

F&*k it up, Sis

2 out of the 3

What better way in starting a blog is showcasing my family parts of my family, since they will be featuring in it!

To the left of me is my day one sister Mayra Rose - Fellow Barbz, she was the first real person I met and stayed with through my Secondlife time so far. Love her to bits - one day ima be asking your ass to borrow lindens

The right of me - Becks : well Becky with the good hair as Beyonce says. You are literally the straw to my berry. We’ve become so close and we are basically the same. Apart from your Australian and in British... oh and age but shush. Your there when I wake up.. I mean waking me up and your ass there when I sleep.

Love you girls 💕

Man Crush Everyday

History repeats itself.

Zakai ! Where do I start.

We’ve got some deep history, 4 years on IMVU and he’s finally made his way over here to Secondlife.

He’s one of the main reasons why I’ve started blogging. Blog our whole Secondlife, the up, the downs and everything in between.
Brace yourself the Cairo’s are coming to Secondlife.

The start of things

The big move

I guess the next step in our relationship is moving in together? I live on my family land and we both agreed maybe moving away but keeping my own and renting it out would be a good idea.

After a month or two of looking, we found a small(ish) house in our new favorite neighborhood @havenwoodcommunity , that we could actually afford. It needed some work, and it wasn’t very large (just over 1,000 square feet), but the necessary projects were fairly minimal and there was great natural light in every room plus a fenced in backyard and hardwood floors (which were all on our must-haves list). I remember the day we got the keys, we were both so excited. We walked though the empty house for the third time ever and made all these plans for what we wanted the house to be for us – renovations to the kitchen, painting all of the interior, etc, etc. I’ll post some photos later on but I’m in total love with it guys 😍
Home sweet home

The Start of Things

Love, sex & babies

🥴 okay ... few months earlier... things happened... a few well a couple more or so drinks later. We closed the front door, you pull my clothes 'cause I love to feel you coming down, the mattress is so far away and since your hands already down my waist, your hands all in my hair, and somehow now we’re naked before we hit the stairs. Messin' up the sheets,
You know how love go... next thing everything got heated hella quick.
I mean we have history so what could go wrong?
#secondlife #sl

A New Chapter is Growing

“I think I’m late text” - Lil Wayne

2 months passed. I missed my first period, I had a pretty good explanation for that I was so stressed, you know moving into a new neighbourhood @havenwoodcommunity. But this month I missed again. It must of been about 5:00am. I got up and ran straight to our en-suite.

I think I’m late...

Zakai “uuuggghhh your whining and sitting with your head down the toilet, and with the look of worry all over your face?! Is it something I cooked or you ate?”

I think I’m late...

I shook my head, I knew exactly what the problem was. After I finished with puking down the toilet I headed into the bedroom where Zak was laying comfortably in bed, looking at me he said “do I need anything?”